Coliving, coworking and retreats

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Coworking spaces in Israel for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and startups.


CoNomads helps you meet and co-live together with other like-minded individuals and take your business to the next level.

CoWorking Coffee

CoWorking Coffee is a website for nomad workers to find and share the best workplaces all around the world, with great environment, coffee and wifi.


Coboat is an 82ft retrofitted sailing catamaran and floating coworking space. Circumnavigating the globe and exploring uncharted waters, Coboat will be home and office for up to 20 digital nomads as they collectively set out on a sea-faring adventure combining life, work and play.


Copass is a global membership that lets you access a network of independent collaborative spaces with one account.

Coworking - Google Groups

This is the #1 place in the world to discuss topics and share ideas related to coworking.

Coworking Map

Global Coworking Map – Search by City or Country.


Coliving & working for digital nomads.


Desksurfing gives you the freedom to work where you want. And who you want to work with. Desksurfing is coworking - at any given place. Find your favourite workspot. And change it whenever the surf feels right. Offer a desk at your office. And share your spot with creative professionals.

Hacker Paradise

Travel the world, get work done, grow personally & professionally, and be part of a tight-knit community of passionate and intellectually curious people. You bring yourself, a project to work on, and a positive attitude. We facilitate a tight-knit, creative community, organize a curated list of awesome places to visit, and provide a high-productivity workspace.

Hoffice is a network aiming at creating fantastic, free work spaces – and make it thereby possible for people to realise their dreams. The work spaces are free of charge, as we are using a during-the-day underused resource: our homes.

Nomad House

Nomad House builds spaces where digital nomads can live work and retreat together.

Nomad Pad

Enter Nomad Pad. Imagine a world where picking up and moving for a month is a breeze. You land in a new city with the perfect home set up for building your digital empire. Equipt with new friends, a comfortable bed and everything needed to rock the nomad lifestyle. No lease, no commitment, and no headache.

Nomad Pass

Nomad Pass enables professionals to work remotely from anywhere around the world. With your pass you can access listings of unique places around the world where you can live and work from, and connect to a community of professionals just like you so you’ll never feel lonely on the road.


Outsite merges active outdoor lifestyles and creative work sessions into a new retreat concept designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, groups and digital nomads who want to get away and get focused.

Project Getaway

An inspiring getaway experience in exotic locations for carefully selected entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts and digital nomads.

Remote Year

Remote year allows participants to enjoy all of the benefits of traveling without many of the risks. The program will spend one month in 12 different locations through the world. This will give participants an opportunity to deeply connect with the local culture and business ecosystem through bursts of stability, while remaining short enough to avoid growing stale.

Remote: Office Not Required

“Above all, this book will teach you how to become an expert in remote work. It will provide an overview of the tools an techniques that will help you get the most out of it, as well as the pitfalls and constraints that can bring you down. (Nothing is without trade-offs.)”

Roam Coliving

Roam is an experimental coliving and coworking community testing the boundaries between work, travel and life adventure.


ShareDesk marketplace provides a platform for mobile professionals to discover and book work and meeting spaces on the go– by the hour, day, or month. We have a network of over 2,400 venues in all corners of the globe and powering thousands of reservations each day. Pay for what you use, and work where you need to.

Southwest Collective

Offsite Immersive is a week long coworking retreat in the south of Portugal where 18 professionals get together to balance work days with meaningful experiences! It’s a time and place to feel energised and inspired, focus on personal or professionals projects, explore ideas through collective thinking and collaboration.

Startup Retreats

Find coworking and coliving spaces for you and your startup’s team to retreat to.

Sunny Office

Sunny Office offers coworking holidays in sunny places with a group of authentic and passionate freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe. Sunny Office is organized by a small team of entrepreneurs located in Germany and Spain. Our goal is to bring exceptional people to beautiful, inspirational places where they can truly connect and make the most of being location-independent.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 offers you the opportunity to travel for six months with a community of 30 working professionals. Are you interested in truly immersing yourself in new cultures, connecting with locals and networking with business ecosystems across the world? If you answered yes Terminal 3 is for you.

The Blue House

Join our 10 day residency program, our weekend retreats or bring your team for an offsite.

The Remote Experience

The Remote Experience is a 4-month program that brings together 30 remote professionals to work, live, and play in 4 countries.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers

“I created this book, my ultimate notebook of high-leverage tools, for myself. It’s changed my life, and I hope the same for you.”

Work Hard Anywhere

Work Hard Anywhere (WHA!) is a community of creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who work beyond the corporate cubicle. We are in the process of building an app to further connect this community - a tool spawned from our frustration with finding a good cafe or decent work space when we’re on the run or in a foreign city. It will help the community easily share and explore great spots to get work done, so they can focus on what’s truly important: the work itself.


Workfrom is a community of people and places helping one another find and share spaces to work remotely all over the world. Discover the best coffee shops, bars, cafes and coworking spaces to work from while you roam.


An international community experience for remote workers interested in living in new places and learning new skills.