How the Airlines Became Abusive Cartels

For air travel is far from a free market.

Flying to Europe Has Never Been Cheaper. Here's How to Get the Best Deals Now

Here’s why Europe flight prices have cratered—and why, if you haven’t started making your summertime travel plans, now is the time.

What to Know if Your Flight Is Overbooked

Anyone involuntarily bumped must be compensated, per Department of Transportation regulations.

Airlines Make More Money Selling Miles Than Seats

The golden goose isn’t your ticket or bag fee—it’s the credit card you use to collect frequent flier miles.

Why is airline food so bad?

The answer lies in how aeroplanes are designed.

Airplane Etiquette

Comedian Jim Jefferies gives a hilarious breakdown of the etiquette protocol for air travel from his stand up comedy special Fully Functional.

Seating secrets: How airlines decide what fare you pay

Anyone who’s lost an evening researching flight deals knows that airfare pricing can seem pretty random – high one week, low the next and long-distance often cheaper than short-haul. There’s a method behind the madness, though.

Google Flights will now tell you when fares will increase, help you find cheaper tickets

Google Flights will now tell you when fares will increase, help you find cheaper tickets.

Tips, secrets, and our favorite sites for finding the cheapest plane tickets

Everybody loves a good deal, and air travel is expensive, which is why there are plenty of travel websites designed to help you do just that: finding the cheapest flights available.


Flystein is an online platform where customers receive consulting services about the best and cheapest flights and other travel services from the best experts.


Fareness set out to organize the world’s airfares, enabling consumers to simultaneously browse the lowest priced round trip fares for 190+ departure dates to global destinations, with a single sub-second search, paired with an ideal hotel in just the right place.


The fairest price for your flight. We track your trip & rebook you at the best price. No more search engines, simply book & relax. You’ll pay the fairest price every time.


Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, fast. We also compare and find the cheapest hotels and car rental for your next trip.


Momondo is a global travel search site that makes it easy for you to compare the prices on flights and travel deals. With one click you search across the leading providers and travel sites and find the best flight prices.

SeatGuru was created to help travelers choose the best airline seats and in-flight amenities.