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IamA entrepreneur who sold more than $22M worth of online businesses and built a 100% remote company while traveling the world - all from my laptop. AMA!

My name is Justin Cooke, I am the co-founder of Empire Flippers where we help others buy, sell, and invest in online businesses.

#Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement

Like the best marketing terms, “vanlife” is both highly specific and expansive. It’s a one-word life-style signifier that has come to evoke a number of contemporary trends: a renewed interest in the American road trip, a culture of hippie-inflected outdoorsiness, and a life free from the tyranny of a nine-to-five office job.

Do you feel "Digital Nomad" has become much more a marketing term than just working remotely?

Digital Nomad (back in the day we were Tech Gypsies) seems to have become synonymous with MLM/Amway type operations with everyone trying to build their “network” and such things. Do you feel the term has more of a negative association than the simple idea of working remotely from various places in the world with a focus more on life enjoyment than working in an office?

Digital nomads, language barrier?

How do you deal with learning the language – or, if you spend a significant amount of time somewhere and then leave, how do you deal with LOSING the language?

Digital nomad long form interview – Eli David

We recently had the pleasure of talking to long-time digital nomad and entrepreneur Eli David. There’s a lot to get through but it’s worth persevering because Eli is both extremely insightful and very funny.

How do you reconcile the desire to nomad with the desire to 'settle down' and form more meaningful connections?

It’s a weird feeling. On the one hand, I miss the comforts of being home - the old friends, being close to family, etc. On the other hand, when I’m at home, I feel that I’ve somehow outgrown it, and the thought of “settling down and living a normal life” scares the crap out of me.

What I Wish I Had Considered Before Becoming A Digital Nomad

From the difficulty of building relationships to giving up the comforts of home, these are the questions to ask before you pack your bags.

The Digital Nomad Life: Combining Work and Travel

“Remote work has gone mainstream,” said Stephane Kasriel, Upwork’s chief executive.” On-site work between the hours of 9 and 5 “is a remnant of the industrial era.”

Digital nomads, Where would you go with $1,800 per month?

Where in the world would you go if you:

  • Were earning $1,800 a month after taxes paid in your country which is Spain.
  • Wanted to save about $300 monthly from that income but still live in a comfortable way and enjoy your hard earned bucks.

Do you find digital nomad lifestyle business blogs depressing?

I’m no longer living abroad but still read the nomad and lifestyle business blogs and listen to the podcasts. I’m finding them decreasingly depressing as they remind me of what I’m missing, instead of being aspirational/motivational like they once were.

Go with the flow: tips for succeeding as a digital nomad

There are different ways to think ahead and prepare to make nomadism a reality in your life, but in my humble opinion the best start is simply to ask the mirror: “what is my talent, and how can I make this talent mobile within the digital world?”

Lessons from One Year of Nomadic Passive Income

It’s now been almost exactly a year since my last real job ended and I started working for myself while traveling.

Why Most Digital Nomads Fail (And How To Avoid It)

Do you know why most digital nomads fail? Most people pick something like, ‘they can’t get their careers off the ground’ or that ‘they chose the wrong enterprise’. Others will say it’s because they run out of money, or that they didn’t budget well. And yes, these can all be the straws that break the aspiring nomad’s back. The thing is, often these are only symptoms of a much bigger underlying problem.

Good places for female nomads

I was wondering if anyone could recommend some places they have lived in as nomads, as lone women and felt comfortable and relatively safe?

Something for Nothing: The changing face of Chiang Mai’s digital nomad scene

“Nomad workshops, nomad conferences, nomad gear, nomad retreat, people giving talks to gullible people to build a following they can sell shit to.” This is how the online communities are reacting to the digital nomads in Chiang Mai.

Lauren Hom: From 9 to 5 to Digital Nomad

Hom is a digital nomad, someone who works abroad, moving around frequently. As part of the Remote Year program Hom packed up her Brooklyn apartment and is now spending four months at a time in Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America as she continues to field a full client load and maintain her collection of side projects. We asked the 25-year-old illustrator and letterer how side projects are the gateway to creative freedom and whether working while traveling is totally overrated.

Travel Insurance - Difference between World Nomads ($1,000/year) and Allianz ($39/year)?

Why is there such a difference in price? Anyone had experience with Allianz (medical claims, lost baggage, etc)?

Remote working in Nepal: What it’s like now in 2017

The real question I want to pose in this piece is when will Pokhara become a competitor to Chiang Mai for the digital nomad crowd?

The Digital Nomad’s Guide To Working From Anywhere On Earth

The work-anywhere, travel-the-world fringe lifestyle is going mainstream–and these apps, services, and events are here to help.

Life after nomadism; embracing the daily grind?

Very self-indulgent post but I was wondering if anyone has got any advice on getting back into life as a an average nobody living the rest of their life like a schnook.

Thinking about becoming a digital nomad?

My name is Zack, I’ve been a digital nomad since October 2015 and it was the best lifestyle change I’ve ever made.

Digital Nomads, what do you do except working and traveling? What goals, passions and motivations do you have?

I’m a DN (freelancer web designer) for 6 months now. As always when I reach a big goal it didn’t take me long after becoming a DN to think “Ok, great. But what now? What’s next?”

Is being a digital nomad for everyone? I'm homesick and far less productive..

Two weeks ago I landed in Spain and I’ve set up shop here for the next month or so as I plan on which cities to live in next. Even though traveling and being financially independent has been a huge goal of mine, I can’t say I’m happy.

Digital Nomads: How do you manage taxes?

There is a brewing possibility that I might come across a remote position. I wanted to take this opportunity and travel a few places around the globe. I am planning to start for a few months in my home country and then make the move. But I am not sure how the taxes and other financials work if I am moving around different countries every 2-3 months(or whatever time is ideal).

10 Signs That Your Digital Nomad Guru or Advisor Is a Crackpot

Free advice. Paid advice. There’s so much advice out there on the internet that you’d be hard pushed to make a sensible decision on who is full of “incredible action points” and who is full of crap. So let’s bottom this out shall we?

What are good skills to have/careers for a digital nomad that doesn't know code?

What are good skills to have/careers for a digital nomad that doesn’t know code?

Have you burnt out on being a DN? How long did it take to recover?

I spent the majority of last year on the road. When I came home for the holidays I found myself with ZERO desire to travel again…it’s been about 2-3 months now and I still don’t even want to look @ airfare deals which is TOTALLY unlike me. I don’t feel like I’m done with the DN life, but maybe the DN life is done with me? What got you back out on the road after (apparent?) burn out?

Most typical digital nomad professions?

I know that web developer is no.1 when it comes to living as a digital nomad, it is almost the only one I keep hearing about. So my question is, within the IT-professions what are the most lucrative digital nomad jobs?

The World is Our Home — Let’s Stop Using the Term ‘Digital Nomad’

Today I despise the term ‘digital nomad’ because it affirms a view that the world is closed, fragmented, divided by borders. It accepts conventional lines drawn by wars and politicians rather than pushing these boundaries to be more inclusive and open.

Why I Never Use Co-Working Spaces as a Digital Nomad and Why You Might Not Want to Either

Assuming that as a digital nomad, you’re aware that you are not required to move into a tourist area and live next door to other digital nomads and that there is, in fact, a huge world of places where you can live and still access food and coffee — then there’s no reason at all that you can’t work in a coffee shop.

I'm young and dumb and want to work remotely. I'm going to attend a coding bootcamp that you guys suggest. My plan is 12 months from now to be remote.

What should I learn to stay employable and help fulfill my dream of being able to work remotely?

How to be a digital nomad

I’m a digital nomad who’s achieved the 4-Hour Workweek. I’ve lived across Thailand for the last two years. And in this post I’ll share: How to become a digital nomad, Advice on freelancing, How to excel as a freelancer, How to make websites without coding, and much, more more.

Digital nomads, how do you handle health insurance?

Digital nomads, how do you handle health insurance?

Digital nomad as a flight attendant?

Digital nomad as a flight attendant?

Do you ever feel like you're never actually "living" anywhere, but rather just in limbo?

But at some level I feel like I haven’t actually been “living” anywhere and instead have just been on an extended workcation.

Nomad couples, what do you do for a Living?

Just wondering what nomad couples in this sub do to make their Bucks :)

How to find fellow nomads for coliving?

Like finding a long term rental (1 month+) and sharing. It would definitely be a great way to split the costs and be a part of a social group. Yes, there are coliving spaces but I can’t find them everywhere. They are extremely limited and somewhat expensive as well. Something similar to (It is down now and usually not that active).

For everyone fearing to become a digital nomad

For everyone fearing to become a digital nomad.

Four years ago I sold everything and set out w/ no experience. You can too.

About two years back, I was active on this forum and there were tons of “How do you do it?” questions. I wasn’t secure enough in my career to share the not-so-honest way I’d gotten started then - but am now, and have a pretty ballsy shortcut that worked like a charm for me.

Digital nomad survival tips you can use anywhere (Part 2)

Here are my best, most surprising new ideas about how to travel while protecting your money, property, health and life.

New Digital Nomad here, how to get started on Upwork or similar sites

My question is how do you guys go about approaching potential clients on these sites? How long did it take you to get your first client on these sites? How much time did you put into finding work right out of the gate?

Is Digital Nomad a good idea for someone asocial?

I’ve got no friends basically, so I’m considering to start living as DN and travel around the world, already got a list of cities I would love to visit.

Digital nomads, do you have days where all you do is watch movies or surf Reddit all day instead of work?

I’m sure a lot of us have had days like this, but it’s been especially frequent for me recently.

Why are so many digital nomads becoming “e-Residents” of Estonia?

Estonian e-Residency is great for digital nomads who need a location-independent business, but also want the credibility and benefits that come with having a limited company set up inside the European Union. It works because Estonia has an advanced digital infrastructure so everything needed to run a company there can be easily accessed online.

What are the worst things about being a digital nomad?

I am considering a future as digital nomad. We all know the benefits, but what are the worst sides to it I should be aware of?

I want a digital nomad lifestyle. My partner doesn't. Anyone else experience this?

Anyone else in a similar situation? How do/did you deal with it?

How I travel the world with my family while building a tech startup

My son is now 1 year and 3 months old and since he was fit to fly at 6 months; myself, my wife and our son have been traveling while I grow my startup non-stop.

Digital Nomads Forum

A free and friendly online forum for digital nomads. Tips, advice, guides & more.

International DN'ers who need prescription meds?

Curious to hear if there are any current or former digital nomads here who have had to deal with getting frequent prescriptions filled overseas.

Quit Your Job, Become A Freelancer And Travel The World

Eight months ago my girlfriend (now fiance) quit her corporate job, created a profile on a freelancing website and ran off to travel the world with me. Now she has more offers for contracts than she can handle, is able to work from anywhere in the world and earns over double her old per hour salary.

What are your favorite long term (1 month +) destinations?

What are your favorite long term (1 month +) destinations?

Anyone doing the nomad thing within their own country?

I see a lot of posts about people traveling the world, particularly Asia. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading those, but I’d love to hear some stories about nomads touring their own countries.

My girlfriend and I are about to become nomads for a year, but I'm not sure what she can do for money (I've been working remotely for years)

I work as a freelance web developer and I’m good to go. My girlfriend on the other hand has no experience with working online.

Digital Nomads: The Location Independent Career Choice

This guide offers you the best advice on how to change your lifestyle and become a digital nomad.


In my head I’ve had this goal of being location independent for a long time, but now I want to explore the dating world as well as the real one. It seems like I’ve worked myself into a scenario where I cannot truly be happy.

What Is a Good Backpack for A Digital Nomad?

I’m looking to upgrade by JanSport backpack. I am going to be doing a lot of traveling that will require something that is heavy duty and can withstand the elements.

It feels like nearly every digital nomad job is about programming or something of the sorts...what else is there for those of us that aren't techies?

It feels like nearly every digital nomad job is about programming or something of the sorts…what else is there for those of us that aren’t techies?

I lived out of a backpack for the past 7 years. This is my story…

I lived out of a backpack for the past 7 years. This is my story.

The USA is one of the world's worst countries to be a digital nomad

Honestly, I can’t think of a more expensive – and more problematic – place to be a “digital nomad” than the USA.

If I Could Do It Over Again: How I Would Become a Digital Nomad

I would learn to code, and network with other aspiring Digital Nomads. Everything else I tried had very marginal results.

What are the first things you do upon arrival in a new city?

We’ve done a “what do you do first thing in the morning” thread, so what about when you arrive in a new location? Alternately, which things can’t you personally live without or too far from?

Anyone here a digital hermit?

Or maybe there’s another term for it? My wife and I both work from home and we’re about to move to a 21 acre farm in the mountains. There are a few small towns within 30 minutes so it’s not totally isolated, but it’s far from any large cities. We’re hoping that if we get a good internet connection we’ll be able to continue to feel connected (and make decent money) even in a quiet area. So we’re not nomads, but we are still “remote”, so I was just wondering if anyone here is in a similar situation.

What Working While Traveling Taught Me about Productivity

Guest contributor Ansley Sawyer shares what she’s learned about productivity while on the road as a nomadic film producer.

Digital Nomad concepts integrated into a 'normal' lifestyle?

For those who are DN’s at heart but can’t fully live the lifestyle currently for whatever reason, how do you integrate the DN concepts into your life? Whether it’s the independence, excitement, exploration, …., etc.

The Co-Workation: The Latest Way To Annihilate Your Work-Life Balance

The idea of mixing work and travel isn’t a bad one. But co-working with fellow “digital nomads” on a grown-up version of summer camp sounds like a nightmare.

Everything you wanted to know about becoming a digital nomad but were afraid to ask

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a digital nomad, it’s time to get real. This isn’t a decision to make lightly or quickly – and the choice will last with you for a lifetime. I’ve tackled 15 of the most common questions I’ve heard.

How I Got My Start Working Remotely and Turned Into Full Time Digital Nomad

So how did I go from enjoying exploring the world to finding a job that let me live my nomadic lifestyle? I’ve narrowed it down to three key things I did to get here and would love to share them with you.

A tip to future digital nomads

Try not to get caught up with studying digital nomads and where we go and what the countries are like and where the cheapest place is to go scuba diving if you lack the skillset to be a digital nomad to begin with.

Digital nomad for 2+ years, self employed for 10, I change jobs like underwear. AMA.

Being a DN is about freedom of lifestyle, NOT travel! Most DN’s I meet or follow don’t hop around very much. Heck, most people I know don’t really enjoy traveling that much.

Venturing Abroad: A Year As A Digital Nomad — With Michael North

Being able to travel, see the world, mix with technologists in different countries, expand my understanding of humanity — these are things I don’t want to wait to experience. I just felt like it was the right time where working from anywhere could be done easily, without destroying my productivity.

Planes, Games, and Automobiles: The Nomads of Game Development

Cottage game industries are swiftly popping up in locations like Israel, Shanghai, and Argentina, but a small subset of creators have begun to take up their own unique residences, free from borders and any sense of restraint.

How the startup world is bringing digital nomadism closer to reality

What was once a dream is now a very tangible reality — and these groundbreaking startups are making it easier than ever to climb the career ladder while trotting the globe.

Does anybody else have trouble with jealous friends?

I love to travel, but I also value my relationships at home. I try to come home every year or so and keep in contact with email and skype. Lately, though, I’ve been noticing that a lot of my friends and family seem to want less and less to do with me. I understand that life moves on when I’m away, but many people seem to mention being jealous as they fade out of my life.

Ditching the office to work in paradise as a “digital nomad” has a hidden dark side

Life as a digital nomad is much more complicated than those beautiful Instagram tableaus might imply.

Current Digital Nomads: What do you have in your day to day backpack (right down to the crumbs)

Just was having a thought on what people tend to find important enough for their digital work to put in their backpack, what kind of laptops people are using, How important a laptop stand is and all those other things. What is so important to you on a day to day basis that you just can’t leave out that bag?

Freelancer’s Field Guide: A How-To on Living in a Modern Nomad’s Paradise

In this living document, I will maintain a compendium of ideas, techniques, actions, and data which will hopefully ease the trials of a new, or experienced freelancer/nomad. I aim to create a discussion with and help build the global community of freelance and remote workers.

Travel the world as you earn

Q&A with digital nomad, Pieter Levels.

Digital Nomads: The Drivers and Effects of Becoming Location Independent

The aim of this study is to explore the drivers and effects of becoming a digital nomad focusing on: contingency structure, lifestyle preference and social and psychological attitude.

How can you keep fit while being "nomadic" and traveling?

How can you keep fit while being “nomadic” and traveling?

How do you fight off an impending anxiety that everything will fall apart? (And how do you establish healthy work boundaries?)

I’m wondering if this feeling will go away once I’ve actually moved, but every few days I suddenly feel extremely anxious, asking myself questions like, “Is freelancing really a long-term solution? What if I can’t hit my monthly income goals while I’m abroad? Should I switch gears and try to find a full-time remote job instead? Will everything fall apart?”

Did some of you try the digital nomad lifestyle and not like it?

Did some of you try the digital nomad lifestyle and not like it?

Anyone become a digital nomad after age 40?

I’m wondering what it will be like for an over 40 woman like myself doing slow travel and working… So, anyone start this lifestyle after 40? Tell me about your experience, please!

When and how did you decide to be a digital nomad? How did you start your journey?

When and how did you decide to be a digital nomad? How did you start your journey?

My life as a Remote Year guinea pig

I lived with a group of 70 digital nomads for one year. Here’s what it looked like.

What led you to become a digital nomad?

I’m fascinated with DM and it’s just a matter of time before I do it myself! I wanted to know when was the moment you decided you had to do it yourself?

What's your average cost of living (per month)?

What’s your average cost of living (per month)?

How the hell do you all make money!?

I’ve seen a myriad of get rich quick schemes and online money making scams. Obviously this is not how you are all making money. So how are you making money? How much money are you making? And what strategy creates the most amount of cashflow?

Rachel from Hubstaff - enjoying family life while working remotely

Rachel, Content and Social Media Manager at Hubstaff, followed her dream to work with freedom straight out of college. Her advice for aspiring remote workers is simple, yet powerful - sometimes all you have to do is to just reach out and ask.

Alternative Housing Lifestyles for Remote Workers

No matter how exciting remote work can seem, there can still be challenges in balancing the individual’s needs and values. The often recurring issues are somewhat paradoxical to the whole idea of remote work. For many, the lifestyle can be isolating, and for those who often move, there can be a distant sense of belonging to any place or community.

Project Getaway

An inspiring getaway experience in exotic locations for carefully selected entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts and digital nomads.

Programmer Nomads: How did you become a remote worker and how can I do the same?

What skills did you build and what other things did you do in order to be able to live this lifestyle? Were any of you able to do this right out of college?

The Ultimate Tax and Money Guide for Digital Nomads

Here’s a primer on the tax and financial aspects of the digital nomad lifestyle. Note, this is mainly for US folks.

Dynamite Circle

The DC is a private community exclusively for location independent entrepreneurs with established businesses. Membership is available through application only.

Any non-tech, Director+ level Digital Nomads?

I’m really interested in the digital nomad lifestyle but am worried about finding a job that makes it possible in my field - ie not a dev or graphics person. Anyone have any experience doing this while staying in middle management or higher?

Most ridiculous thing you did to find good WiFi

Thought it’d be fun to see how far some of us have gone for that sweet sweet wifi.

What are your top 10 problems related to your DN lifestyle?

There are a lot of articles out there with top 5/10/100 reasons to become a DN, but none or almost none of them say anything about the downsides. Please tell me: What are your top 10 problems related to your DN lifestyle?

why is Thailand (seemingly) the most popular destination for digital nomads in SEAsia?

Most digital nomad videos I’ve been watching are based in Thailand. Is Thailand the cheapest out of all other destinations in south east Asia?

23 Productivity Tips From Digital Nomads Around The World

I’d love to share the full list of productivity tips with you, hoping this list sparks some thoughts and ideas for next time you’re looking to get productive working remotely.

Best country to register a company for DN?

I’ve read some suggestions about Hong Kong here, due to no taxes, reputable banking system, but seem that it can be difficult to arrange and can take months to get a bank account even after going there. Where did you set up your company and bank account with paypal, credit cards and all? Looking for recommendations on companies that help with the setup also!

Why a growing army of ‘digital nomads’ are choosing Asia as their base

For many who wish to get away from the daily commute, working online offers them a chance to fulfil their dream, and safe, cheap and friendly Asia is the perfect place to do it.

How this entrepreneur’s side project turned into a $30k/m remote SaaS business

Have you ever wondered how remote businesses develop? Today, we’ve got Tyler Tringas, founder of Storemapper and SolarList, to tell us about his experiences building a remote business and traveling.

Accept a job that pays $2,500/month but is remote and allows me to travel the world or accept a $5,000/month job that lets me save a lot of money and travel slightly later in life?

I’d be interested to know what you guys think. I’d love to be a digital nomad but it also seems like a slightly stressful lifestyle.

How far in advance do you organise your accomodation?

Do you organise a month/week ahead? Do you wait till you’re at your destination then find a place?

Legality of remote work in other countries?

Are there any resources for figuring out if it’s legal to work remotely for a company based out of X country in Y other country?

If you read the above post, please read the following post as well.

I have 7 months to make a dependable digital living, what do I do?

Hey everyone, life took an interesting turn of events and I found myself in a situation where I will have approximately 7 full months to create my dream of being a digital nomad. 7 full months of free-time, food, shelter, internet, etc.

Digital nomad families, where you at?

Where are you living? What’s it like for a family there? How old is/are your child/ren? What are the pros and cons?

Jack of all trades. Master of none... Is there any possibility of me finding remote work?

Should I give up on this idea of digital nomad life until I can deep dive into one skillset (e.g. Android dev)? I feel entrepreneurial but unless I build a startup myself I don’t think there are ‘entrepreneur’ jobs out there.

DN with a disability

I’m posting mostly to say, it’s possible to be a DN even if you have a disability. It’s harder, but it’s possible. (At least for many/most people with disability; I don’t claim to speak for everyone.)

Is there any 3rd world Digital Nomads, If you do exist, please tell me how you do it.

There tons of articles about remote working and digital nomads but are most about American or Canadian developer working for an American or Canadian company, living and traveling in 3rd world countries, and they all talk about how great traveling is and how cheap is the cost of living is compared to their home country. So I want to know if Is there any 3rd world digital Nomads, If you do exist, please tell me how you do it?

Living in... the best cities for digital nomads

A laptop and an internet connection are all that’s required for some jobs these days – and many globetrotters are making the most of it, living and working in cities across the world.

Nomad Pass

Nomad Pass enables professionals to work remotely from anywhere around the world. With your pass you can access listings of unique places around the world where you can live and work from, and connect to a community of professionals just like you so you’ll never feel lonely on the road.

What do you guys do for a living?

What do you guys do for a living?

Broke backpacker to full-time digital nomad in one year - the journey and lessons learned

Two years ago I graduated college. One year ago I left for a backpacking trip. I came back and started working to build a business. I tried a bunch of things, but it ended up being a small side project that turned into my full time gig. Today I’m living in Southeast Asia (currently in Vietnam) and we’re on track to 10X the cheap flights business this year.

Quitting Your Job To Travel Isn’t Brave. It’s Lucky.

The problem I have is with the recurring narrative that quitting your job to travel the world is inherently a noble act, when sometimes it just means that you are very, very fortunate. Fortunate to have a strong support system of people who will let you crash with them. Fortunate enough to have a substantial amount of savings to draw from, or parents who will let you use their home as your forwarding address, or fortunate enough to be able to leave for months at a time without worrying about treating chronic illness or paying down your debt.

What's been your biggest Digital Nomad mistake/regret so far?

Any huge blunders you’d like to do over?

Social Anxiety & Being a Nomad

So for those of you that work as nomads and have anxiety…how do you do it? How do you deal with working outside the office? Does being on the phone invoke similar anxiety as being in the office for you? Do you find it’s incredibly hard to make friends since now there may be a language barrier?

Yes, you CAN be a digital nomad

Becoming a DN is nothing like “winning the lottery”. For most people, it’s finding work that you can do using a laptop. Unlike becoming president or winning a Nobel prize… “Work using laptop” is a realistic, highly-achievable goal for most people.

No, you can't BE a digital nomad

I don’t mean to piss all over anyone’s plans – by all means follow your dreams and live the life you want. And don’t take my word for how to do it. But please be realistic about it. Don’t imagine that selling your car, buying an $800 backpack, and heading to a magic co-working place in Bali is going to solve your problems and make your dreams come true.

How Are Remote Workers Changing the World’s Cities?

And while the presence of digital nomads in a city tends to correlate with a reasonable local startup scene, any wealth generated often fails to trickle down to the people who need it the most.

Remote Developers: How can I be like you?

My goal is to be a programmer that works remotely. Can anyone, who does this for a living, please give me a step by step guide regarding how I can realize this ambition.

Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Girls is a safe and fun place to ask questions about the DN lifestyle (travel on the road, remote work, coworking, female solo travel, health, fun, etc) meet likeminded girls to expand your travel-, work- and social networks, and exchange advice and stories!

A Reflection On Two Years Of Being A Digital Nomad

The lifestyle has had a dramatic influence on the way I live and work. To celebrate these past two years, I wanted to share how digital nomadism has impacted my life, and to offer some lessons that I’ve learned along the way.

To all successful Digital Nomads out there, how'd you do it?

I’ve been at this digital nomad thing for close to a year now, and have not reached any form of substantial success where I can achieve the freedom and location independence I was hoping for. Its just one of those days where the prospects of freedom seem to be fading and the frustrations are definitely taking its toll. I’ve tried all kinds of strategies but still have not had any definitive success as of yet. I just wanna know, to those successful digital nomads out there, how’d you do it?

I AM living the dream, here’s how

There’s an endless glut of people writing about how solo travel is amazing and inspiring and will be the best experience of your life. Solo travel, like anything else, can go both ways. I’m not going to say much on that. Couples travel also has its own set of problems. I’m writing this post because I want to share with you the solutions that we have found to make our travels satisfying and meaningful and although they may not apply to you, they might give you some ideas on getting creative with your own situation!

Ditch the Desk Job: How to Become Location-Independent

Working remotely (location independence) allows you to work on your own terms and your own schedule — from anywhere in the world. Here’s how to get there.

Nomad Projects

Nomad Projects is a platform for digital nomads who want to start a side project. Connect with other nomads so ideas don’t stay ideas, but grow into a side project with diverse expertise.

Loneliness is not just a digital nomad problem

I don’t know if we maybe overemphasize the loneliness factor for a nomadic/traveling lifestyle as though it doesn’t exist in the “normal” stay-in-one-place lifestyle. As though it’s an either/or situation. Personally, I could see how loneliness might create a vicious loop of people who experience loneliness at home, seek to travel to combat their loneliness, experience loneliness on the road and return, only to become lonely again.

I have been travelling the world full time for the last six years, working from my laptop. AMA!

I am a Canadian freelance writer and travel blogger. I carry almost everything I own with me in my backpack. My English boyfriend of almost 7 years and I have travelled extensively through Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Remote Work (After 5 Years of Experience)

My no.1 conclusion? This thing is not easy, at least not for me. However, it’s also incredibly rewarding, and, in the long run, I think that those rewards make it worth the effort. So, here are 8 good, bad, and ugly things that I have learned along the way.

What do you do and how did you transition from a fixed career to becoming a DN?

What field are you in? How much experience did you have before you made the transition? How would you advise others looking to do the same as yourself? Etc.

I’m Not Living The Dream

I’m a nomad. I have been for more than two years now. I’ve hiked atop a glacier in New Zealand, enjoyed an opera beneath the Acropolis, spoken with teenage zinc miners in Bolivia, played with tiger cubs in Thailand, and done some very shady currency deals in Argentina. And I’m not living the dream.

You Don't Have To Work In Tech To Be A Digital Nomad

If you’re interested in becoming a digital nomad, here are some jobs outside of the technology world that might fit your skills, passions, or desire to live a flexible lifestyle.

Becoming Nomad

Hi. My name is Mike. And I’m a nomad. “Hi, Mike!’ I’m also a geek, foodie, journalist and podcaster. My goal is to live everywhere and eat everything.

The Quick Guide to Socializing as a Digital Nomad Abroad

Having done a lot of different jobs while travelling I would like to share some things I’ve learned with the rest of you. While there are already a couple of good discussions here and there, I will try to introduce some less known tips for easy socializing abroad in this short guide (both offline and online).

Goodbye, America. I'm becoming a nomad (again)!

I want you to join me. But before I make that pitch, first let me clarify what living nomadically is really all about.

Travelers who have been scammed abroad, what's the worst story of yours?

Travelers who have been scammed abroad, what’s the worst story of yours?

What kind of digital nomad are you?

What kind of digital nomad are you?

What it’s like to stay at a coliving space in Bali for 5 weeks.

The last 5 weeks I stayed at in Bali, a new and aspiring coliving startup from New York. I was so blown away by the experience and fascinated by the whole concept that I decided to write a quick post about my time there to share the experience with everybody. My stay there also brought up many thoughts about the future of living.

Why did you decide to become nomadic?

What was your thought process that made you want to live a nomadic lifestyle?

Want to start doing my own thing, but not an "expert" in anything

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to choosing what “expertise” you should build your online business around? What frustrates you the most? What have you tried in the past?

US Nomads, do you maintain an official residence for legal matters?

I’m very curious how US citizens who are traveling inside the US for extended periods of time (say, 6+ mo) handle things like taxes, health insurance, vehicle registration, voter registration, banking, etc. Many of our legal and business systems seem to require that you have an official residence in a particular state.

How to Become a Freelancer & Digital Nomad

This is not the moment where I spam you and offer an e-book on lifestyle design and entrepreneurship, but rather just a collection of sites and services you may find intriguing and useful.

Does anyone "nomad" in the United States? What are some good cities?

Like many of you, I have a flexible, work-from-home job, so I can work anywhere there’s an Internet connection. I’d like to see more of the U.S. and maybe live somewhere for 2-4 weeks and experience it in more depth than a regular vacation, and actually work while I’m there. Does anyone have any experience with this? Tips for low-cost cities? Ways to stay in some place for approximately the cost of rent?

Can relationships on the road last?

Relationships are hard work. That’s the honest truth. Two people come together based on mutual interests and admiration, and they forge a partnership that can carry on for a lifetime. When you choose to build your relationship on the road in a constantly changing and uncertain environment, each day comes with an added layer of volatility. One moment you’re experiencing euphoric happiness, and the next could be stinging frustration.

What do remote workers who work in a coffee shop do when they need to use the toilet?

So you are at a cafe, working hard, and suddenly you need to go to the toilet. What you do with your stuff?

You’re not an Island: Why Freelancers and Remote Workers Need Communities

But working from home has its downsides as well, from the potential whiff of body odour to the whiff of madness that comes from spending too much time on your own. Sure, you can shower regularly, go for walks, or meet up with friends to satisfy your social needs. But working as a solo show leaves out one vital aspect that isn’t remedied by nipping out for a coffee — and that’s a sense of community.

Why is a Harvard professor studying digital nomads

Today, we’re taking a look at a research project on digital nomads launched by Harvard professor Beth Altringer and Harvard undergraduate Daria Evdokimova. I learned about the study from Daria some months ago and have been curious ever since to know more about the reasons this study was launched and why digital nomadism as a phenomenon could be a topic of interest in the academic world.

Why I don’t want stuff

About once a month, someone asks for my mailing address because they want to send me something. They liked something I wrote, and want to send me a gift in return. I’m very thankful, but have to say no. Here’s why.

My experience working remotely and traveling in 1-3 month increments across 3 continents in 2015. Thoughts on what I'd do differently and pro's and con's to different approaches.

I worked remotely doing software and traveled across Europe for most of the year, then Asia for a good chunk, and finally South America for a month in 2015. I think this sub focuses quite a lot on the work + logistics aspects of digital nomadism, but I don’t see nearly as much focus on knowing how much time you should spend in a place, or some of the social aspects. Once you’re remote, the decisions you make next shape your experience. There’s definitely good ways and bad ways to be a nomad depending on your needs and circumstances. Just wanted to share my experiences.

Giving yourself permission to be a digital nomad?

If anyone has advice on this it would be fantastic because it is something I have struggled with a lot. Everything about the DN lifestyle appeals to me, yet I can’t seem to give myself permission to live it.

Nomads, what is your yearly income? What do you spend on expenses?

I want to see how much nomads are comfortable making a year before I begin my journey!

Why do you wander?

It’s a bit of a cliche to suggest that all travellers are running from something, and that’s not what I want to get at. But after some honest reflection, I did begin to see the darker side of my travel motivations. Or at least, I lost the innocent sense of being some sort of modern freedom fighter and began to see myself as indulging in what is often just another form of conspicuous consumption.


No matter what your questions are regarding entrepreneurship, startups, traveling or digital nomadism, someone will be able to help you on your way. Our goal is to be a crossroads for people from different backgrounds and offer them a platform for sharing their knowledge.

Resources for Digital Nomads & Location Independent Entrepreneurs

I wanted to provide a resource page for those who want to know what’s out there. Not just for travel bloggers or food writers, but for anyone seeking to build a flexible life in their own way. This includes not just digital nomads — the term du jour – but also work and travel visas, volunteer work, and much more.

Freelancing Digital Nomads, Which Category Do You Fall Into? Build, Design, Blog, Consult?

Freelancing Nomads, which category do you fall into?

  • I Build Stuff
  • I Design Stuff
  • I Blog About Stuff
  • I Consult about Stuff
  • Other (let me know!)

A Complete Breakdown Of How My Location-Independent Lifestyle Works (After 9 Years On The Road)

“But what do you actually do?” people ask. I’ve written comprehensively about what I don’t do. This article is my best answer to what I do do. At 8,000 words, it’s a tenth of an average novel, and the longest blog post I’ve ever published. I’ll describe how, over the years during and since my big bike trip, I’ve honed a purposeful location independent lifestyle with room for both deep creative work and open-hearted adventure. I’ll do so in enough detail that someone sufficiently interested could borrow or adapt elements of it for themselves.

The rise of travelling families and world-schooling

More families than ever are taking ‘edventures’ – long-term trips where children learn on the road. We talk to nomadic parents about the pros and cons of dropping out to travel the world.

Meet the Operations Director who works remotely 99% of time

Having worked location independently for more than 18 months Stuart Gardner doesn’t come across as your typical nomad. In his role as Operations Director at Magento ecommerce agency GPMD his hands are on day-to-day operations from dealing with clients to finances and hiring but you could only rarely find him present in the office. During his travels Stuart stayed a couple of days in Surf Office and we couldn’t miss the chance to ask him for some advice to help you follow his route.

’Turns out being a digital nomad isn’t that easy’

It turns out being a digital nomad isn’t that easy. Have you ever returned from a holiday feeling more tired than when you left home, due to the constant movement, the endless newness and a bout of gastro thrown into the mix? Well, on top of that, add professional pressures.

My first year as a Digital Nomad

At the start of 2015 I stumbled across the concept of a digital nomad, the idea being that if you have an internet connection you can work from anywhere. The mixing of travel and work made a lot of sense to me, as it allowed me to keep doing what I love (developing web apps) with a dash of adventure.

Why I’m Quitting the Digital Nomad Life and Moving Back to My Hometown

After 14 months of living as a digital nomad, running my business completely remotely, and traveling the world, I’m moving to my hometown of Oklahoma City indefinitely. If I wanted to, I could live in Hong Kong, Bali, New York City, or Jamaica. So why am I choosing Oklahoma City? Allow me to explain.

Working remotely like a badass

I’m an independent freelance consultant who often works remotely. A friend asked for some tips, I wrote the below based on a few years of growing my biz and keeping clients happy. Since many folks here, especially the freelancer crowd, are likely working remotely, I thought I’d share.

Packing List of a Digital Nomad

Living as a digital nomad has equipped Jon - aka the Van Man - with a host of useful skills and experience, not least of which is impressive packing skills. So we asked him to share his packing list for life on the road…

10 lessons in failure from 10 digital nomads

Choosing a slightly different route, such as becoming a location independent entrepreneur or digital nomad, will lead to far greater exposure to uncertainty as opposed to let’s say… that comfortable office job you just left.

How a Person Living a Nomadic Lifestyle Does Money

Kavi Guppta is a 27-year-old “nomadic journalist.” He writes for Forbes and other publications while traveling around the globe with his 27-year-old partner and fellow writer, Kristen Marano. Kavi and Kristen have been on the road for about nine months.

How do you manage your financial life as a digital nomad?

I’m interested as to how other nomads/perpetual travellers manage their financial lives on the road. How do you keep on top of your financial assets/situation whilst travelling and using multiple currencies? How frequently do you change your primary currency and how do you cope with that mentally (on the fly conversion etc)? Do you budget, or just roll with the punches?

Globetrotting Digital Nomads: The Future Of Work Or Too Good To Be True?

In early 2015, we began asking nomads (confidentially) whether they were earning and saving enough compared with responsible financial planning norms back home. I wanted to figure out if this was a viable career lifestyle, a subsidized holiday, or a relatively high-risk financial and career gamble. The study attracted hundreds of responses, and it provides a rare glimpse at different types of nomads and their respective income levels.

Is Being A Digital Nomad A Lie?

Only if you believed (in) it, it can become a lie (that affects you). If you don’t mind and let things pass (like you do with a lot of things in life because you can’t save everything and everyone from the sickness of this world) then the discussion / trend / hype of being a Digital Nomad will only be a side-topic or not a topic at all (like bad commercials).

what skills can you learn in 6 months that will prepare you to the digital nomad life?

I am planning to go explore the earth after a finish my business school, and wanted to know what are some skills that i can learn that can help me support this life style? i was thinking about learning wordpress design and css3 to freelance on the go.

The digital nomad lie

And all of this stuff you’re reading online on how awesome it is to be a digital nomad is basically a lie. It’s a lie to sell you a product. Or a lifestyle. Or a service. Or a coaching session. Or whatever. People are trying to sell you the dream. Or the lifestyle package. Or the freedom package. Or the whatever package. For just $99 a month.

Home base necessary or not?

I’ve been reading a lot of posts here but a topic I can’t seem to find a lot of information on is maintaining a home base in your country of origin. For example: rent an apartment, rent it out while you’re away to a fellow nomad/student/Airbnb/… so you always have a place to go back to when you feel weary of travelling. What’s your take on this? Do you have such a place or not? Is it emotionally or practically necessary? Isn’t it too much of a hassle and financial burden?

Now Working From Home Can Be Working While Seeing the World

For champions of this lifestyle, near-constant traveling is a way to stay fresh in an industry that often requires workers to spend 12 hours a day parked in front of a laptop.

No office, no boss, no boundaries -- rise of the nomadic rich

A new breed of cash-rich, entrepreneurial mavericks is taking the dream and traveling with it. But they also pay a price

Digital Nomads Can Manage Teams, And Manage To See The World

If you are not there yet (at a beach, that is), this article is for you. It explains how you can also achieve the luxury of working while traveling the world in four easy steps, as a freelancer or as a part of a team, maintaining the same level of communication and productivity.

A Digital Nomad Adventure: Traveling with Hacker Paradise

On a two-week assignment to the up-and-coming Vietnamese town of Da Nang, amid sunshine, sand, waves, and the Vietnamese people, I’ll be working from my laptop alongside a ragtag group of roaming geeks that calls itself Hacker Paradise. They’re hopping around Southeast Asia, changing the way remote workers live, and Toptal wants a man on the ground to see what they’re up to.

What they don't tell you about location independence

The problem is that I wasn’t surrounded by the right sort of people. To be able to keep my location independent lifestyle – without going nuts – I have to find like-minded individuals. I need people to work with while I’m in a new city, that understand my lifestyle and can help me evolve in my career; with the added bonus of grabbing a drink after work hours.

Digital Nomadness — A Comic of my Life as a Cruising Cartoonist

Digital nomadness — life as a cartoonist at sea.

Digital nomad guide to living in Chiang Mai

I’ve been living in Chiang Mai a while now, so thought I would use this post to log my experiences, what I’ve learned about the area and reflect on the decisions that I’ve made whilst living here. I hope it is useful to you and many others when planning your trip or making a decision about coming to Chiang Mai.

So, digital nomads, where are you living at the moment?

So, digital nomads, where are you living at the moment?

Amy Truong, Quality Engineer at GitHub, Talks About Life as a Digital Nomad

Amy works as Quality Engineer for GitHub (you may have heard of them!). This year she’s worked remotely from San Francisco, Thailand, Hawaii, The Netherlands, UAE, and Morocco as well as taking in quick stops at Ecuador, Taiwan & Denmark. She has a tonne of great advice and I really love her honesty and openness.

How To Pack Like A Digital Nomad

I asked some of my digital nomad friends to share their packing tips below. Dig into these great insights on packing light and hopefully it’ll take some of the stress out of your next trip.

What is the biggest problem being a nomad?

This is a really powerful thread, I hope more people contribute. Number one is lonliness/permanent love/long-distance relationships. Would be lovely to have somebody to travel/live/love with. Getting into the ‘zone’. I need a place where I can binge-hack, rather than doing 1-hr stints at random coffeeshops with shitty wifi. Fitness. This is probably easy if you’re a runner, harder if you want to do weight training. Contact lenses. Creeping alcoholism.

The Digital Nomads Guide to Living and Working in México: Part 1

Safety Concerns, Visas, and Getting Connected in the Land of Aztecs, Coca-Cola, and Mezcal.

How to travel the world and never miss a paycheck

Being a digital nomad is exciting, and in my case it all started with the itch of wanderlust. Unlike so many 20-somethings (see: Quarterlife crisis), I had not hit the panic-induced state where I question everything I’m doing. However, I was worried that if I ever did I wouldn’t be able to escape it.

What are some of the most unexpected lessons you've learnt on your travels as a digital nomad, and in what countries/cities?

Always have savings. It really, really sucks to run out of money… A smile goes a loooooooong way, friend.

Nomads who work 40 hour weeks... How Much time do you spend actually travelling/sightseeing/etc?

If you can work 40 hours per week at home and still go to bars, movies, and go out on day trips on weekends, then you can do the same in another country.

Fuck Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance doesn’t exist in a world where sippy cups, Algebra lessons, Swedish massage class, yoga, conference calls, editorial deadlines and living in a third language all co-habitate in the same mental space. It just doesn’t. And, it’s asinine to pretend that it does.

Digital Nomads Portugal

Digital Nomads Portugal (DNP) is a community and a social network for digital nomads based in Portugal. DNP tries to make life better for current nomads based in Portugal. It lets you connect with fellow digital nomads, meet up and exchange information on working remotely.

I am a digital nomad who sold everything to travel forever, AMA

My partner and I sold almost everything we owned and left the UK in March 2010 to travel permanently. We fund our travels through web design, iOS app development and our travel blog Never Ending Voyage. So far we’ve travelled to South and North America, Asia, Europe and we’re currently in Mexico. We have no plans to stop. We’ll be around for the next hour to answer any questions you might have about our travels or being a digital nomad.

I want to be a digital nomad but the fear of being lonely is holding me back

What do you all do to prevent loneliness if you are a digital nomad on your own? Do you go to meet-ups and such? I would really like to hear what others do.

What is the main reason preventing you from becoming a digital nomad?

For those who follow this sub [Digital Nomads], but haven’t actually made the leap yet, I’m curious – what is the obstacle stopping you from becoming a digital nomad?

I Quit The 9 – 5 Grind To Become a Location Independent Digital Nomad, at 40

You see, I turned 40 this week and am determined to create location independent income streams and time freedom, rather than living a half asleep existence in a bubble of false security… I’m not running away, I’m running towards what I want. It’s not escapism, it’s deliberate actions towards a set of predefined goals with a solid plan.

A Complete Guide to Health Insurance for Digital Nomads

When you live in your home country, you have traditional health insurance. When you travel abroad for a few weeks or a few months, you get travel insurance. If you move to another country, you get health insurance in that country. But what if you’re a digital nomad, and you can’t commit to being in any one country for very long at all?

Are digital nomads one of the first signs of post-materialism?

Post-materialism is described by philosophers, socialists and others as a “the transformation of individual values from materialist, physical and economic to new individual values of autonomy and self-expression.” (Wikipedia). This is very much in line with digital nomads, who define their own living and skip the normal way of having a career and living, focusing on experiences instead of old school materialism.

Nomad Trips

Join a community of 10,000+ digital nomads and plan your trips.

A case study of my digital nomad lifestyle Rules

This article is personal, since it relates to specific rules I follow while living my digital nomad life. In a way, those rules are the pillars of my own nomadic “religion” and allow me to put some order in what at first glance seems like an uncertain and unbalanced lifestyle. Most of the rules here will not be relevant to you, since sadly or fortunately, you and I are different. This is simply a digital nomad case study based on the years I spent on the road.

Law, jurisdiction and the digital nomad [PDF]

Free movement is a central notion of the European community, and the Internet provides the capability for individuals to live a locationless existence, running their businesses and providing services from wherever they happen to be. However, whilst cyberspace may be without borders, the laws of physical countries still apply; and, for digital nomads, determining which laws apply, and which courts have jurisdiction, is no easy task.

For those of you who have been to Thailand, what was your cost of living and what would you have done differently?

I will be in Thailand this February. This is my first “long-term” travel (three months)… Here’s a super simple breakdown of my budget.

Will be starting my journey as a DN this February, I'm looking for some guidance

I haven’t been much of anywhere in my lifetime and don’t have much experience with travel. I’m looking for something short and sweet for my first destination, around three months. Although I can’t decide where to go, I have a few places in mind but I’d love to hear more suggestions.

Why does the idea of going to S. America scare me?

This makes no sense. I came thisclose to booking my ticket to S. America, but fear got the best of me. I cannot explain it… Perhaps it’s the idea of going there as a DN as opposed to a tourist or backpacker. Maybe I don’t like the idea of taking my laptop and other equipment to S. America. Maybe I’ve read too many horror stories in travel forums about people getting mugged or having their possessions stolen. At least those are the stories you always seem to remember even though they’re just a tiny fraction. Anyone else go through moments like this?

The Tools & Kit I use to Stay Productive as a Digital Nomad Programmer

The first thing you give up as a Digital Nomad is your big comfy chair, second monitor and many of the other comforts you’re used to. But that doesn’t mean your mobile work environment has to be inferior. Here’s my list of hardware and software – built up over the last three years – to stay productive on the road.

Security tips for digital nomads

During that time I’ve lived in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. I’ve been robbed, stranded, and, worst of all, disconnected from Internet connectivity and reliable electricity. While living this lifestyle, I’ve learned a lot about being a digital nomad—mostly the hard way—and gained insights useful for anyone who can work with mobile technology or who travels abroad for any length of time. So I thought I would share my hard-won knowledge with you.

Passive Income - who's doing what and how much are you making?

How many of you have passive income? I guess in the truest sense of the definition, passive income is 100% passive, requiring no work once established. I’m curious to hear about such cases as well semi-passive cases in which only a few hours of updating or maintenance is required each month.

Digital nomad taxes – which country to pay in?

If an American lives in one country (e.g. Spain) while working for an American startup and being paid in US dollars, should he pay taxes in the US or Spain, or both? In Europe the national health care systems are tied to paying taxes in a country. How are nomads dealing with health insurance? I’d really love to be completely above board w/r/t taxes and have health insurance, but all the advice I find online either sounds made-up or is “consult with your accountant”. If I had an accountant I wouldn’t be searching for this info!

24 Lessons I’ve Learned From 24 Months of Being a Nomad

I’m unsure about a lot of things. I am unsure if I am a full time traveler. Or a nomad. Or an expat. I abhor labels. But words are labels and we have to use words to communicate (I haven’t quite mastered the telepathy thing yet). I do know that I’ve learned a lot. And many of these lessons are applicable to life in general (not just travel).

Finance is going remote - here's how one trader travels the world perpetually

Brian is an equity trader who trades remotely and travels with his family of three. We’ve asked him some questions on how he began trading as a digital nomad and how he makes it work remotely!

Work-life haven - why entrepreneurs and digital nomads are settling in Bali

“I’ve never been as productive as I have been living in Bali. There’s an opportunity here to access yoga, healthy food and fresh air that’s more difficult to come by in a city. It’s a place people come to get perspective on their lives… a unique opportunity to get perspective and focus.”

Reflections on 2000 Days as Digital Nomads

We had so many backup plans—teaching English in Taiwan, crewing on yachts in the Caribbean, getting a working holiday visa in Australia—as when we set out in March 2010 with a one way ticket to Rio, a 10 day old travel blog, and Simon’s first and only freelance project, it all seemed so unlikely that we’d be able to create a business that would fund our travels. We had savings for a year so that was our deadline to make it work before we’d have to try something new. Despite our lack of business plan, reluctance to do marketing, and refusal to follow much of the online business advice, we somehow made it work. 2000 days later we are still going. It’s an epic milestone and we feel blessed that we’re able to live this life.

From Assistant to Boss - The Pros and Cons of Quitting Your Job to Run a Business

Maybe I am naive, but it’s been nearly three months since I received my last paycheck. I’m living cheaply in Southeast Asia now and running an import/export company that’s less than two years old. Yes, I’m living my dream. That’s not to say the entrepreneur lifestyle is all peaches and roses. Our business is very much coupled with highs and lows; triple profits one day, followed by no profits the next; 60 hours worth of work one week, then less than a dozen the next; thousands of dollars worth of inventory one month, then low or no inventory the next. It’s a high-low lifestyle with bad, good and great days mixed in a row. There are pros and cons to running your own business – these are just a few of my entrepreneur highs and lows.

Getting Started as a Digital Nomad

I recently joined an iOS Slack Chat and introduced myself as a Digital Nomad. A couple of people were really interested about the Digital Nomad part and asked if they could have a chat to talk about getting started and life in general. Rather than chat separately we arranged an Slack style online chat. The players were me, Jacky – an iOS developer with a couple of years experience based in Taipei – and Eugene (@EugeneBelinski) – a Computer Science Student from Minnesota. They’re both really cool guys. Hopefully this is as useful to you as it was for them.

Traveling Around The Globe With a Budget of $1000/Month

What happened when I packed my life into a backpack and left home with a one-way ticket? Since then, I’ve lived in 3 continents, been to 14 countries, flew all around the globe, met hundreds of fascinating and inspiring people, burned thousands of calories lifting weights in gyms, ate amazing foods on the streets, cafes, restaurants and hotels, I’ve snorkelled, rode a boat, drove hundreds of kilometres on a scooter, chilled out on a paradise island, been in a relationship, seen dozens of temples, slept in a bungalow in a jungle, done numerous of interviews, grew my business but most important, I started to love the world and life more than ever before.

64 Ways Location Independent People Earn a Living

Have you ever wondered how you could earn a living that would allow you to live and work anywhere in the world? Many people already living that dream shared the details of how they make a living in the recent Location Independent and Digital Nomad Survey.

1 Year as a Digital Nomad - How to Build a Business by the Beach

This blog post is a presentation I’ve been giving in a couple of different places, with some of my notes. The main purpose of this presentation is to hopefully get more young people thinking outside the norm a little bit - that there’s an alternative life to going to work in an office every day, that it’s possible to earn your own way independent of an employer, and that you can eventually build this up into something substantial, something that will far surpass a corporate salary.

Travel Philosophy from a Toptal Digital Nomad

Roman Urbanovski, a senior core team member at the completely distributed tech company Toptal, expounds on his relationship with working while traveling during our Skype interview, and I’m slowly learning that Roman is talking about more than a schedule, a mentality, or the lifestyle of the “digital nomad.” What Roman is articulating is a philosophy of life.

What's your biggest frustration being digital nomad?

Loneliness. Its hard to find a life partner if you move around every couple of months.

Challenges of nomad lifestyle

There is plenty of feel-good encouraging blog posts out there of how great it’s to work with a laptop on a beach living in Chiang Mai like a king for $5 a day. As we all know, there is only so much to the truth about the awesomeness of nomad lifestyle and it comes with its cons which are rarely talked about.

I Left My Heart in San Francisco - The exile of a digital nomad

I’m a digital nomad. It sounds exotic and romantic: Have laptop, will travel. But mostly, it sucks. I wish I was back in San Francisco. It’s not an option because I’ve been exiled by a flourishing economy.

Our Digital Nomad Lifestyle - Answering Your Money Questions

We receive countless emails, Facebook comments and article comments about how we currently make money on the road, how we’re able to live in paradise and how we saved enough money to go on our first trips abroad… which ultimately lead to our wandering way of life. Here it goes!

Why a Tech Entrepreneur Got Rid of All Her Possessions and Lived as a Nomad for a Year

What had happened? We never used to fight. In trying to understand what was making us so unhappy, we found ourselves reminiscing about a trip we’d taken when we were still living in Atlanta to a sleepy surf town in Costa Rica. We’d met people who traveled from place to place, staying for weeks or months at a time, moving on a whim, whenever fancy would strike. The idea seemed irresistibly appealing: a life driven by experience and adventure, not by a desire for more things.

Absolutely no experience of any kind with programing, graphic design, etc. Is there any hope for me?

I was wondering how a lot of you guys got started doing this. For someone who has no experience in software, programming or anything really with computers other than using them, how would I even be able to do something like this? Did most of you start with college degrees? Did anyone teach themselves over time? Any books you can recommend to start?

How one entrepreneur became a digital nomad

Digital nomadism has provided a new way to free us from a physical workspace. According to Upwork, this trend is rising and roughly 67% of those who make the switch become freelancers while the rest create a virtual business or team. Digital nomad Jacob Laukaitis, a member of Talent Garden, shares his story with us about turning his work-life balance upside down and running a fast-growing online business while traveling to more than a dozen countries a year.

How did you dive into digital nomad-ism?

Nowadays, a lot of freelancers are taking the “digital nomad” plunge and working remotely from just about any location they want. From Bali to the Santa Cruz Mountains, it seems like the ideal lifestyle, but what thought, if any, went into YOU deciding to live that kind of lifestyle? What was hard about it? Easy? What do you regret? How do you meet new people? All the questions…

The digital nomad - lonely, white, male?

“Why did it take this long for me to realize that I could be doing this from Thailand or anywhere? It all seems so obvious in retrospect,” he says. “If you think it’s too difficult to work remotely, then you’re probably overthinking it.”

22 Instagram Accounts That Show The Beauty Of Being Location Independent

Some of the most interesting digital nomads on the planet are very active on Instagram. This is a great thing because it allows those of us who are interested in this lifestyle to learn more about it first hand. Here are 22 amazing accounts that give us an interesting and often beautiful look at life from the perspective of a location independent professional.

Let’s stop selling the digital nomad lifestyle as a miracle cure and instead expose its reality

Contrary to a very common misconception – digital nomadism is not about a fancy way to escape normal life. It is the creation of normal life where one has access to more options, flexibility and freedom to choose where you live and work, because there’s really no reason to be tied to a single location for most of your life.

Why Cruise Ships Are My Favorite Remote Work Location

As a nomad and an entrepreneur, I find myself working in a large variety of places throughout the year. I have a nice setup in my RV, but I’ll also work from friend’s offices, airplanes, airports, friend or family’s houses, trains, Regus offices or any other number of places. However, my absolute favorite place to work is from a cruise ship, in particular long transatlantic cruises like the one I’m currently on.

Ergonomics for Digital Nomads - Working on the Road Without Killing Yourself

As awesome as it may be to choose a different beautiful office every day, what many nomads are willfully ignoring is the fact that it’s physically impossible to have good posture if all you have is a laptop.

This is the reason why I can’t be a nomadic girl forever

Walking through life, I see myself juggling between the love and passion for the open road and the craving for deep human connections. It’s been over 16 years that I left home and haven’t really settle nowhere. I have to admit: I might not be able to live a nomadic lifestyle forever. My promiscuous commitment to the open road and to find fulfilling human connections has been a languished bi-polar search for something that can’t fit together, just like water and oil will never mix.

How to Travel to 20+ Countries... While Building a Massive Business in the Process

I’ve lived and worked remotely in approximately 29 countries since I finished school three years ago. I’ve been running Toptal, a venture funded company growing hundreds of percent year over year—all from my laptop, phone, and tablet… I was repeatedly asked if I had some sort of guide or checklist for traveling/working the way I do. Especially for first-timers, the idea of adventuring while working can be daunting. There are a lot of details to consider, and I’ve learned a lot from my own trial-and-error.


Outsite merges active outdoor lifestyles and creative work sessions into a new retreat concept designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, groups and digital nomads who want to get away and get focused.

Webworktravel - Digital Nomad Network

The Webworktravel – Digital Nomad Network is one of the largest community for digital nomads on Facebook. Connect to digital nomads and learn more about our lifestyle.

Digital Nomad - Travel Dispatches From Andrew Evans

Digital Nomad Robert Reid investigates the whys and hows of how we experience the world and encourages people to follow his lead by “traveling like travel writers.” Check out his adventures as he explores the world’s most unique destinations with passion and purpose.

Some Thoughts For The Noobs Among Us...

I encourage anyone interested in this lifestyle to give it a go, but you need to realize that it’s a lifestyle not a vacation. Being a DN is a long term commitment that will require years of prep for most people. If you’re willing the make that commitment then it has it’s rewards, but if you just want a way to fund your travels then there are better ways than sitting in Chiang Mai watching your savings slowly dwindle away.

Where To Register A Company When Being A Traveling Digital Nomad?

Do you have any recommendation on where in the world to register a company when being a traveling digital nomad and EU citizen in Asia?

A Glimpse Of Life On The Road

As a young girl, photojournalist and TED Fellow Kitra Cahana dreamed about running away from home to live freely on the road. Now as an adult and self-proclaimed vagabond, she follows modern nomads into their homes — boxcars, bus stops, parking lots, rest stop bathrooms — giving a glimpse into a culture on the margins.

Now What? I Feel Like Something Is Missing From My Life

I guess what I’m getting at is I don’t feel “fulfilled” at the moment. Does anyone else feel this way? The preparation and work that went into building this lifestyle was so intense and, in retrospect, it seems working toward this goal was, in itself, a beautiful journey.

The Latest Coveted Business Address - ‘Global Nomad’

“With the advent of online project management tools and access to a huge talent pool, we could assemble a team with all the skills you could possibly need to build a company. We have staff literally spread across six continents. They are an incredible team that brings us a level of skills and cost-efficiency we could never get in the past,” says Shapiro.

Ultimate Guide To Being A Lady Nomad

In the past 2.5 years I have been to 47 cities across 3 continents. Some of these tricks apply specifically to women, but a lot are just helpful for anyone who likes to travel. Here’s a massive brain-dump, so let’s do this!

Take Your Business On The Road - On Traveling Startups, Digital Nomads And Businesses Hitting The Road

I’d like to share a couple of stories from freelancers, startup teams and business owners who chose to defy conventional ways of doing business, stepped out of their comfort zones and took their ventures on the road.

Nomad House

Nomad House builds spaces where digital nomads can live work and retreat together.

Life On The Road - The History Of Digital Nomadism

This digitally enabled nomadic lifestyle is one more and more people are attempting, but it hasn’t been possible for very long – arguably only since the early ’80s. Prior to this, nomads had very little (if any) reliance on anything that’s digital.

What The Rise Of Digital Nomad Hubs Means For Entrepreneurs Of The Future

The rise of digital nomads are seeing a number of entrepreneurial hubs spring up across the world – but where are they and what do they tell us about modern business?

The Race To The Bottom

There’s plenty of different types of digital nomads. There’s full time remote workers on high incomes, there’s freelancing remote works on middling to high incomes, there’s skilled engineers building tech startups, there’s writers with all ranges of success, there’s young people and old people. All sorts. But increasingly I’m seeing discussion around [what I hope is] a fringe bottom rung element. Partly I’m concerned that some young naive people are getting suckered by charismatic motivational speakers selling fantasies on blogs for $1000 a pop.

Nomad Life For Introverts?

Any advice for people that might not have the best social skills? Seems that most of what I see in this sub is geared towards a very social lifestyle but how do others who might not be that type of person make out?

What’s In My Bag

This is what I take with me as I travel the world, staying in mostly hostels/hotels/airbnb-places/friend’s-places/family’s-places. I work as a freelance concept artist & illustrator, so I take everything I need to do my work, too.

Bootstrapping In Saigon

A powerful scene is emerging in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam or as locals refer to it by its old name, Saigon. Entrepreneurs from America to India, from Japan to Spain are calling this city home while they’re grinding out their MVPs. It’s a scene, a location independent startup scene that should be on your radar if you’re a bootstrapping entrepreneur looking to extend your runway.

5 Months So Far As A DN

Is my life better as a DN? For me YES. I was really depressed and hating the world and myself. Getting up going to a job I hated, in a bland office I hated, working 9 – 5 plus more hours, drinking too much and eating too much to cover up my sad repetitive life. The change has been difficult at times, there have been really high ups and some really low downs, but I feel like I am living and not wasting away in some cubicle not doing anything with my life.

How To Become A Digital Nomad

I get emails asking me how to get started with the digital nomad lifestyle all the time. So I thought I’d write a more detailed blog post with personal advice on the best ways to get started.

Lessons From One Year Around The World As Digital Nomad

From Berlin to Istanbul, Casablanca to Tokyo, Goa to Bali and many many more, this year as a location independent (or digital nomad) for MakingSociety was a great adventure. In an open way, I would like to share with you how me and my boyfriend made it happen and what I learned from it.

How I Built A Startup While Traveling To 20 Countries

One year ago, I left San Francisco, sold and gave away everything I owned, and moved into a 40-liter backpack. I traveled to 45 cities in 20 countries, three Disneylands, and one bunny island. I also worked 50 hours a week building and launching a startup. And my total costs were less than just the rent in San Francisco.

Nomad Pad - Chat

Chat with fellow nomads to find living options in cities you want to move. Discover mid-term rentals from local homeowners. Sublease your flat so you can roam, knowing you’ll fill your space with a vibrant community of digital nomads.


CoNomads helps you meet and co-live together with other like-minded individuals and take your business to the next level.

99 Digital Nomad Problems (But A Boss Ain’t One)

While it certainly isn’t a nightmare, it’s time to take a more realistic look at digital nomadism. Life on the road is great and does guarantee some unforgettable experiences, but there are some drawbacks that can make this lifestyle a challenge.

7 Awesome Reasons You Should Become A Digital Nomad

So if you find yourself wondering if this path is for you, here are 7 awesome reasons why you should be a digital nomad.


Coliving & working for digital nomads.


Coboat is an 82ft retrofitted sailing catamaran and floating coworking space. Circumnavigating the globe and exploring uncharted waters, Coboat will be home and office for up to 20 digital nomads as they collectively set out on a sea-faring adventure combining life, work and play.

The World’s Best Bank Accounts For International Travelers And Nomads

I spent countless hours finding the best banks for nomads in North America, Europe and Oceania, so you don’t have to. Read on to learn more about these incredible banks and how you can open an account with them today.

Living And Working In Paradise - The Rise Of The 'Digital Nomad'

Fed up with spending the 9 to 5 in a stuffy office? Anna Hart packs her Mac and follows the trend for extreme remote working - in Bali.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Traveling With A Dog

Looking for dog travel, Emotional Support Animal, or therapy training info? Here’s the skinny on my world-traveling, therapy-trained ESA, Luna, and the 11 countries we’ve hit so far.

11 Cities In 3 Months - The Highs And Lows Of Digital Nomad Lifestyle

In December, my friend and co-worker Brian casually mentioned to me that he would love to go traveling and explore Asia. I love Asia. I lived in Japan as a kid for 3.5 years, and I lived in Hong Kong for 6 months in 2012. It was a no brainer for me to jump on the opportunity and travel around Asia with Brian.

The Travel Lifestyle - Not Always Selfies & Sunsets

Nope, there’s a whole other aspect to this life that doesn’t usually get posted to our Facebook page, or talked about when we blog. Obviously the positives far outweigh the negatives, or we wouldn’t be here to be posting this, but to ignore the cons altogether would be to grossly disillusion you about exactly what our lifestyle involves.


Our chat community #nomads (on Slack) tries to make life better for current nomads and make it easier for new people to do it too. It lets you connect with fellow digital nomads, meet up and exchange information on working remotely from different cities in the world.

Speak Nomad

Speak Nomad is a chat group for digital nomads. Come share knowledge, swap ideas and beat away the lonelies. Join us. It’s free.

Just One Way Ticket

I’m Sab, nice to meet you! I’m just another random girl from Berlin, almost non-stop traveling since 2008. This travel blog is a summary of my experiences, my disasters and escapades, plus tons of travel photos and tips for memorable traveling around the globe.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur

I’m Natalie Sisson and I like to call myself the Suitcase Entrepreneur because, since leaving New Zealand in 2006, I’ve travelled the world, lived out of my suitcase and run an online business that allows me massive freedom while generating a six-figure income in 2014 alone.

Hi, I’m I make Nomad List, Remote | OK, Startup Retreats and Go Fucking Do It. I travel to work from anywhere, bootstrap companies and only own what fits in my backpack. Previously, I founded a music network on YouTube w/ 100+ mln views.

What I Learned When I Gave Up The ‘9 To 5’

Digital nomads spend their time traveling while working — taking freelance assignments from Bali, running their own businesses from Barcelona or working for an employer in San Francisco from Singapore. There are thousands of us around the world. And I couldn’t imagine living any other way.

One Way Ticket – A Digital Nomad Documentary

A story about Digital Nomads’ life and work, the real story of dreams and reality.

Quora Digital Nomads

Quora makes it easy to get your questions answered, share your own knowledge, and browse the most interesting information people across the world want to share.

Nomad List

Nomad List finds you the best places in the world to live and work remotely. It collects over 50,000 data points about 500+ cities around the world, from cost of living, temperature to safety. With that data I try to make a good estimate of where you, as a digital nomad, should go next.

Nomad Destination

Nomad Destination features comprehensive information on places for digital nomads, location independent entrepreneurs and people working remotely otherwise. Here you will find everything you need to make a decision on where to live and work from remotely.

Sunny Office

Sunny Office offers coworking holidays in sunny places with a group of authentic and passionate freelancers and entrepreneurs from all over Europe. Sunny Office is organized by a small team of entrepreneurs located in Germany and Spain. Our goal is to bring exceptional people to beautiful, inspirational places where they can truly connect and make the most of being location-independent.

Hacker Paradise

Travel the world, get work done, grow personally & professionally, and be part of a tight-knit community of passionate and intellectually curious people. You bring yourself, a project to work on, and a positive attitude. We facilitate a tight-knit, creative community, organize a curated list of awesome places to visit, and provide a high-productivity workspace.

Nomad Pad

Enter Nomad Pad. Imagine a world where picking up and moving for a month is a breeze. You land in a new city with the perfect home set up for building your digital empire. Equipt with new friends, a comfortable bed and everything needed to rock the nomad lifestyle. No lease, no commitment, and no headache.

CoWorking Coffee

CoWorking Coffee is a website for nomad workers to find and share the best workplaces all around the world, with great environment, coffee and wifi.


Workfrom is a community of people and places helping one another find and share spaces to work remotely all over the world. Discover the best coffee shops, bars, cafes and coworking spaces to work from while you roam.

Flying Yak

Meet Digital Nomads around the world. Discover 1000+ cities to work in.

Google+ Digital Nomads Abroad

A Google+ community run by Mike Elgan.

Digital Nomad Forum

The Digital Nomad Forum is a community of 10,000+ nomads, ask questions and meet others around the world. Requires registration and a membership fee.

Reddit Digital Nomad

We connect people across the world through authentic conversations, collaboration, & community.

Nomad Summit

We’ve invited the most successful digital nomads to come share their business models, productivity tricks, travel hacks, and money making techniques in listener friendly 20 minute TED style talks!

DNX Global - Digital Nomad Conference

The DNX GLOBAL will feature 10 speakers delivering fascinating talks on topics around online self-employment and location independent careers. This is the first European conference providing real-world knowledge, tips, and experiences on this topic in the form of lectures and personal conversations.

Digital Nomads Meetups

Find out what’s happening in Digital Nomads Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you.

Find A Nomad

Find A Nomad is a tool for discovering where friends and potential new friends are right now - and where they’ll be throughout the year.

Goodbye Boring, Hello Adventure — An Interview With A Veteran Digital Nomad

Nora Dunn is a Canadian who sold everything she owned in 2006 to embrace her dreams and travel the world. Since then she has been to 40+ countries and has never looked back. Welcome Nora! And thanks for taking the time to share your story with our community.

Stop Packing So Much — The Minimalist Packing List

This is an unapologetically long post. It’s an in-depth look at what gear I use to travel around the world, constantly, with only a 26L backpack. It’s written for the gear freaks and professional travellers. Newbies and veterans alike.

Digital Nomad Packing List 2014 – Living Since 2008 With 2 Bags

Since 2008, I’ve more or less been living out of a day bag and a laptop bag. I pick up stuff along the way– like guitars, Xboxes, and sports equipment. When it’s time to hit the road to my next destination, I leave those things behind.

Lessons I Learned On The Road As A Digital Nomad

This article lists some of my more practical nomad hacks from this year with accompanying iPhone/VSCO snaps. There’s been quite a lot of Digital Nomad discussion as of late. It’s a title which will become commonplace a few years from now. Till then, we as a community still have many experiences to share, here are mine.

How I Work As A Digital Nomad

Going nomadic is easier than most people think, but it’s not for everyone. You need to have skills that you can sell. You need the discipline to work from anywhere and not get distracted. You may get lonely living in a strange place where you can’t speak the language. You will meet all kinds of people, some of whom will try to take advantage of you. Finding work is a constant challenge, and you have to manage your finances carefully.

The Ultimate Digital Nomad Packing List For Travel

Packing! It can be the most difficult part of travel. Deciding what to take, what to leave behind, what to wish you’d brought with you. With this in mind we’ve put together our ultimate list for travel packing, based around our experiences from years of adventure.

Digital Nomad Packing List — How To Travel The World With (Very) Few Things

I’ve since travelled a decent amount and my love of packing lists holds strong and it’s because of this love that I’d like to answer a question no one is asking: what do I take with me when I travel? The list, as you’ll see, is quite short.

The Dark Side Of The Digital Nomad

It occurs to me that the New Rich, for all of our impressive values, are just as guilty of materialism as the old rich, it just takes a different form. Instead of an addiction to status and possessions, we are addicted to experience and novelty. And the end result is the same. Our relationships, our connections to what’s real, sometimes suffer. And for the first time in three years of non-stop travel, I quietly wish for a home.

How I Thought I Wanted To Become A Digital Nomad

Even though it might be obvious, during my travels I found out the hard way that creative, meaningful work, requires some routine. Changing your location once a week, working from benches, hammocks, cafes, bars and hostel floors is a cool way to fund your vacation, but it certainly doesn’t help you when tackling hard programming problems.

I'm Becoming Semi-Nomadic

A year ago, I proposed to my wife that we sell everything we own and become full-time digital nomads. She wants to travel, but also wants a “nest” a home base in the United States. Starting tomorrow, our compromise plan goes into effect.

Wandering Earl

On December 25th, 1999, I left the USA for a three-month, post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia. It’s now been over fourteen years and that trip has yet to finish.

Location 180

In 2009 my life sucked. So I quit my job, moved to Thailand, built a business, and started living life the way I’d always wanted. Location 180 documents the journey and teaches you how to do the same thing.

Nomadic Notes

My name is James Clark and Nomadic Notes chronicles my travels and life as a digital nomad. Nomadic Notes is a travel blog from the perspective of a long term traveller. The site features travel guides, travel tips, and notes on places I have visited around the world.

Nomadic Matt

My name is Nomadic Matt and I’ve been traveling the world since 2006. I’m here to show you that it’s possible to travel without a lot of money. This website will provide you with experience tested tips and advice on need you can travel anywhere you want without spending a lot of money.


Rolf Potts has reported from over sixty countries for dozens of major venues, including National Geographic Traveler, The New Yorker, Outside,, National Public Radio, and the Travel Channel. Rolf is perhaps best known for promoting the ethic of independent travel, and his book on the subject, Vagabonding has been through nineteen printings and translated into several foreign languages.

Stop Having A Boring Life

This blog is the account of my life after I liquidated everything to travel the world indefinitely and find a new home in my favorite place on earth; wherever that may be aka chase my dream.

Exile Lifestyle

I’m a professional author and international speaker, I co-founded a publishing company, and I travel full-time, moving to a new country every four months or so, that country determined by the votes of my readers.

The Art Of Non-Conformity

Welcome to The Art of Non-Conformity (AONC), a home for unconventional people doing remarkable things. I’m Chris Guillebeau (pronounced Gil-a-beau). I write books and travel. Over the past ten years I visited every country in the world—but my next quest is just beginning.


The goal of the blog is to provide insights and inspiration for those of you who consider a long term nomadic lifestyle. I would like it to be a change agent that allows people to get unstuck, if they wish.

Almost Fearless

Christine Gilbert is the author of and has been traveling overseas with her husband Drew Gilbert since 2008.