An open database of remote companies.

200+ Startups hiring Remotely in 2016

Spreadsheet with 200+ startups hiring remotely in 2016.

Nomadic Mentors

The best founders, builders, and mentors from Silicon Valley and around the world will travel to you and share their invaluable advice.

Global Digital Nomad Survey

We’re a team of experienced freelancers, travelers and coworking enthusiasts interested in knowing when, why and how did we started talking about Location Independence and Digital Nomadism. We want to analyze the “trend” starting from a survey and we are planning to freely distribute the data we collect, allowing anybody to be involved in this research. Not too long ago we started collecting giveaways and discounts from sponsors and supporters to return the favor to those who will take part in this survey.

List Of Startups With Distributed Teams, Remote Staff & Multiple Offices

This spreadsheet was created to crowdsource an inspiration list of startups who are successfully running distributed teams, have multiple offices or just believe in the future of remote work.

One Way Ticket – A Digital Nomad Documentary

A story about Digital Nomads’ life and work, the real story of dreams and reality.