Survey: What is your attitude towards remote work?

This survey is designed to examine employees’ attitudes towards their job and workplace. In particular, you are asked to share the perceptions of your job, your organization and involvement you experience while working in a particular environment. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the survey and it is completely anonymous, so no information regarding your personal data will be obtained. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this study, the information you provide is greatly appreciated by the researchers.

Global Digital Nomad Survey

We’re a team of experienced freelancers, travelers and coworking enthusiasts interested in knowing when, why and how did we started talking about Location Independence and Digital Nomadism. We want to analyze the “trend” starting from a survey and we are planning to freely distribute the data we collect, allowing anybody to be involved in this research. Not too long ago we started collecting giveaways and discounts from sponsors and supporters to return the favor to those who will take part in this survey.