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NoDesk informs about remote work and connects the global workforce. Companies of every size, from new startups to the largest distributed companies, use us to grow their remote teams.

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We believe most people will work remotely in the future. Our mission is to empower individuals and companies to achieve that. Since 2015, we've been a part of building the global remote work community. We share knowledge, resources, and help people find their next remote job.

Remote work is here, and here to stay.

Why we're excited about remote work

Every year we learn more about the benefits of remote work, including increased productivity and the ability to attract diverse and talented humans. Here's a partial list of things that we love about remote work and distributed teams.

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  • No commute

  • No open office noise, interruptions, or "face time" work culture

  • Ability to design your ideal work environment

  • More time with family, relatives, and pets

  • Improve your mental and physical health

  • Freedom to relocate, and live where you want to live

  • Work from home or within your local community

  • Ability to become a digital nomad, and explore different cities and cultures

  • Ability to have a flexible schedule, and work-life balance

  • Ability to continue your career as a parent

  • Improve team collaboration, communication, connection, and trust

  • Diversity, talent and closing the gender gap: hire the best humans from anywhere around the globe

  • Accessibility: an opportunity for everyone to contribute in the workplace

  • The prospect of a working world without borders

Remote work resources

On NoDesk, we share knowledge, resources, and help people find their next remote job. Below are some of the ways we help you adapt to the challenges and succeed at remote work.


The best articles and stories, resources and guides from across the web on remote work, how to find a remote job, the benefits and disadvantages of working remotely, and a whole lot more.


On Intrinsic, we share with you our thoughts on life and work, and surface stories and ideas from the remote work community as a whole.


The best books on remote work that can help you broaden your knowledge on how to grow, manage, and work with distributed teams.


Every week we send you a newsletter with the latest remote jobs, stories and ideas from the remote work community, and occasional offbeat pieces to feed your curiosity.

Remote Companies

Explore our directory of remote-first and remote-friendly companies and startups to find the right remote team for you.

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Find remote jobs and connect with companies that offer you the freedom to work remotely from home or places around the world.

Our values

100,000s of people trust us to help them transform their careers. Companies trust us to help them grow their teams. But that's not the only reason we're doing this. We're remote workers ourselves. The remote work community is our community, and we want to be a friendly place for people everywhere.

That's why our content is open and accessible to all. We treat people right, focus on our customers, and take ownership. NoDesk is bootstrapped and independent. And we're able to operate in this way because of you.

We're human and personal in how we communicate. No bots. Reach out via email or social media, and you'll reach Daniel.

"As a fully remote company, NoDesk helped us find our newest Account Manager. Not only are we able to find a great candidate, but their support has been absolutely wonderful."

Brittany Metzler

Director of HR, Very

"As a fully remote nonprofit organization, it can be hard to rise above the noise of other job sites. NoDesk makes it clear from the beginning that we're looking for people who are comfortable working from home — as a result, working with them to find viable candidates has benefited us tremendously. The caliber of candidates that come in through NoDesk is much, much higher than other sites."

Christopher Snider

Community Manager, Tidepool

"NoDesk helped us find a Customer Service Professional in very little time. We had several quality candidates to choose from and our experience was heads and shoulders above what we previously experienced with other sites."

Don Whalen

CEO, PreciseFP

"NoDesk job postings were a breeze to set up and their support was extraordinarily responsive and helpful throughout our recruiting cycle."

Olivia Johnson

Employee Success Manager, Elevate Labs

What others say about us

Read what these lovely people from across the world have to say about us.

"I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do to help people work remotely. Your resources made a big impact for my sister, who started consulting remotely last year."

Adena Bauer

"I'm a spoonie (Chronic illness sufferer) and working remotely is my only choice, so by doing what you do, you are actually trying to help the extra mile for people with diverse functionalities. Not many people are aware of that, and I thought you deserved to know."

Tamara Diez Otero

"Thank you so much for being so active with your customer crowd, appreciated!"

Nádia Ferreira

"Thanks for always sharing such great content. I'm super inspired by the internet home you've built."

Lauren Razavi

"I use NoDesk as a go-to resource whenever someone wants to get into remote work. I always send them to NoDesk first."

Rachel Andrea Go

"It's like a better Google for nomads entrepreneurs — that's awesome! I love how it goes from articles and blogs to chat groups and coworking places."

Rutger Teunissen

"I don't know who you are, but thank you for NoDesk! It's an awesome resource, just what I needed as I'm stepping up as a freelancer in Guatemala."

Daniela M.

"I use NoDesk daily (sometimes I check multiple times in the day). The reason being is that I trust the platform and the way you provide information."

Linda Mata

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