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Thursday, Oct 18, 2018

How to Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It

Many people turn to procrastination or ignoring the task—but that only postpones the inevitable. You can try to talk your way out of the assignment, and maybe your manager will support you, but at some point the work needs to get done. If you want to be successful, then it serves you better to rise to the occasion no matter what. That means learning how to push through challenges and deliver valuable results.

Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

Cheap places to live with a good intellectual atmosphere?

I’m a software engineer in the bay area and have been thinking about moving somewhere cheaper (in USA or aboard) where I can live cheaply and focus on my own intellectual pursuits. I’d love to be in a place where the living costs are low and where there exists a thriving intellectual community (I’ve noticed cities near top academic institutions tend to create that sort of atmosphere but not necessarily).

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2018

Monday, Oct 15, 2018

Distributed Teams: Don’t forget the Fun!

An interesting question to pose, if I have now accepted that distributed teams are a possibility and there is a movement towards them in the future, the question becomes: What is different when you are not in an office together and what tools do you need to stay on track? Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto has the answer in an episode of The Boost VC podcast I interviewed her in: Don’t underestimate how important culture is.

Friday, Oct 12, 2018

The drawbacks of being known

I want to talk about being a “known person”, i.e. a person who publicly shares their knowledge, experience, and personality in articles, videos, social, etc. Big audience, small audience, it doesn’t matter. If you’re sharing, someone knows something about you and you are a known person.

In Praise of Mediocrity

Lost here is the gentle pursuit of a modest competence, the doing of something just because you enjoy it, not because you are good at it. Hobbies, let me remind you, are supposed to be something different from work. But alien values like “the pursuit of excellence” have crept into and corrupted what was once the realm of leisure, leaving little room for the true amateur.

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018

Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2018

Career narratives.

What I’ve slowly but increasingly come to believe is that there is much more opportunity outside career ladders than within them, and by including those opportunities you’ll make and feel more progress. Better yet, you’ll find far more opportunities to partner with your peers, no longer competing for limited promotion slots.

Monday, Oct 8, 2018

Friday, Oct 5, 2018

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