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Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019

The Freedom Ladder

Have you ever seen a painter use a scaffold? It’s a ladder you construct to get from ground level up to the elevation you want to be. Getting freedom from your job is similar. You figure out how to build a scaffold, and get yourself closer and closer to your goal.

Is remote work ‘Bull***t’?

We believe that distributed work is great for many reasons, and will eventually replace most traditional office environments. But an important part of treating distributed work seriously is discussing its downsides and the hurdles it presents to teams and individuals. To better understand the concerns around the distributed work model, Matt recently spoke with venture capitalist Arianna Simpson, a vocal skeptic of remote work.

Monday, Jun 17, 2019

The big problem with the so-called ‘digital nomad’ life in Bali

Beyond the questionable financial viability of working remotely in Bali are a raft of ethical and legal dilemmas. “What I’m seeing more and more of is people simply designing their lives as cheaply as possible, avoiding income tax and not putting back anything into the community,” says Craig. “It’s basically a form of narcissism – choosing the path of least resistance – and they’re flying around the world non-stop so they’re environmentally unfriendly.

Friday, Jun 14, 2019

On the Pleasures and Sorrows of Life Without Screens

When people contemplate the declutter process I suggest in my book, in which you spend 30 days away from optional technology as a prelude to simplifying your digital life, they often predict that the main challenge will be compensating for the benefits and features they’ll miss out on. But this prediction is almost always wrong. … The real problem — and this surprised me — is figuring out how to deal with all the free time this move toward minimalism suddenly injects into your life.

Thursday, Jun 13, 2019

Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019

Effective Syncs With Distributed Teams

Over the past few years I’ve participated or lead syncs in fully distributed, partially distributed and centrally located teams. I’ve learned that doing effective syncs in a distributed team is similar to doing them in a centrally located team. However, there are a few differences that make distributed team syncs a little more difficult than a centrally located team sync. I’ll share a process that has been borrowed from many different sources and tweaked over time with new teammates and companies.

Tuesday, Jun 11, 2019

Monday, Jun 10, 2019

Friday, Jun 7, 2019

Thursday, Jun 6, 2019


Americans are suffering from a bad case of loneliness. The number of people in the United States living alone has gone through the studio-apartment roof. A study released by the insurance company Cigna last spring made headlines with its announcement: “Only around half of Americans say they have meaningful, daily face-to-face social interactions.”

Wednesday, Jun 5, 2019

There Are Two Types of Airport People

Because I’m a compulsively early person, I’ve always assumed the other people trucking through the airport were doing their best to be on time, even if their best was different from my own (superior) best. Why would anyone look at an experience as expensive and anxiety-inducing as flying and want to make it a little bit riskier?

Tuesday, Jun 4, 2019

Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, learning new skills or strengthening your relationships, learning to invest in yourself is the best way to improve yourself. After all, if you exchange your time and effort now for increased skills and knowledge, you‘ll create a better future with more satisfaction and fulfillment.