Articles on how life and work are changing. Topics include: digital nomads, remote work, the future of work and much more.

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Monday, Aug 19, 2019

Friday, Aug 16, 2019

Thursday, Aug 15, 2019

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Remote Work, Flexible Schedule, and Working from Home Policies [+ Templates]

Creating airtight policies for remote work, flexible schedules, and working from home is essential for both you and your employees. Although the word “policy” sounds serious and complex, writing a remote work policy doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’ve created a guide along with three customizable templates so you can create and update policies for the modern, flexible workplace.

Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019

Monday, Aug 12, 2019

Friday, Aug 9, 2019

Thursday, Aug 8, 2019

How Phones Made the World Your Office, Like It or Not: From desk to car to pocket

The telephone began to pervade our lives at the end of the 19th century, and then — as you can see in these photos from The New York Times’s archives — it became our lives. Cellphones were a significant inflection point. They made it possible for us to be available at virtually any moment, which was so extraordinary that most of us tacitly accepted that we should be available at virtually any moment.

Wednesday, Aug 7, 2019

What people skills do you wish you learned earlier in your career?

For the past several years I’ve been putting in a lot of time into learning and sharing people skills (without the bullshit). I’m interested in skills from dealing with your own emotions, through communication with close co-workers to high-stakes negotiating. I’m curious: what are some people skills that you wish you had learned earlier in your career or that you wish your co-workers had easier access to?

Tuesday, Aug 6, 2019

My Secret "Digital Nomad Rule" to Optimizing Fulfillment

TL;DR: Don’t hangout with too many “travelers or transients.” Find locals wherever you are that won’t leave. If you do meet travelers/transients make sure you are leaving the destination before them. You only have so much social energy so spend it on those people that have a higher potential for ROI. Travelers/transients leave, whereas locals will always be in the same city for you to return to.