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The Joys of Being a Stoic

Suppose I have a job interview coming up. I want the job, of course. But that’s not up to me. It depends on the …


Preetam Nath

Why you should write

Before proceeding further, I must make one thing clear. While I personally prefer writing, the message here is to create …


Farnam Street

Why Life Can't Be Simpler

When we wish for things to be simpler, we usually mean we want products and services to have fewer steps, fewer controls, …


Derek Sivers


People often ask me what they can do to be more successful. I say disconnect. Even if just for a few hours. Unplug. Turn off …



The death of the city

For the first time since the earliest cities emerged in the Fertile Crescent some 6,000 years ago, concentrated urban centers …

Life Remote Work

Laura Deming

How not to be sad

I’ve tried to write (what feels like) 15,000 versions of this essay. All of them ultimately cratered by the fact that …


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