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The Joys of Being a Stoic

Suppose I have a job interview coming up. I want the job, of course. But that’s not up to me. It depends on the …


Preetam Nath

Why you should write

Before proceeding further, I must make one thing clear. While I personally prefer writing, the message here is to create …


Farnam Street

Why Life Can't Be Simpler

When we wish for things to be simpler, we usually mean we want products and services to have fewer steps, fewer controls, …


Derek Sivers


People often ask me what they can do to be more successful. I say disconnect. Even if just for a few hours. Unplug. Turn off …


Laura Deming

How not to be sad

I’ve tried to write (what feels like) 15,000 versions of this essay. All of them ultimately cratered by the fact that …


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