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Wednesday, Jul 1, 2020

Written communication is remote work super power

Asynchronous written communication is the tool best suited for remote work. We are so used to talking to each other in the office, expecting immediate responses in work chat, and having meetings all day, that we tried to replicate that at home with zoom and slack. Writing to each other in slack while expecting immediate answers, or setting up multiple zoom meetings every day will fail with remote work in the long run.

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

How not to be sad

I’ve tried to write (what feels like) 15,000 versions of this essay. All of them ultimately cratered by the fact that it’s hard to write jocularly about deep emotional topics or emotionally about practical things. But I still (perhaps quixotically) think the below text should be useful to at least some sad people, so I’m posting this incomplete and imperfect version until I get time (probably never) to write the best version of this.

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Monday, Jun 22, 2020

'Pandemic pricing' is here. Rents are dropping across the US

All those buildings with fancy amenities were competing with each other to offer gyms, pools and movie lounges. Not only are the perks not enticing anyone right now, many aren’t even open or usable. Most in demand now: home-office space, an in-unit washer and dryer and outdoor space, said Paces. “People’s offices are closed until January and they are taking that into consideration when looking for apartments.”

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