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The Art of Living Everywhere and Eating Everything

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People are busting out of static residential living and boring corporate serfdom and embracing a new life of freedom, beauty, adventure and joy.

The movement is the gastronomad lifestyle - endless travel out of love for food and culture.

Instead of living in one place, then becoming an occasional tourist on vacation (where you’re on the outside looking in), gastronomads become “temporary locals” wherever they go, immersing themselves in community and culture.

But how?

The secret is to travel and work at the same time It’s a world of endless possibilities.

The gig economy, the sharing economy, the app economy and crowdsourced content - as well as ubiquitous internet and powerful mobile devices - enable almost anyone to live almost anywhere and still build a thriving, exciting and rewarding career.

Journalist Mike Elgan has been living and writing about the gastronomad lifestyle for a decade, and shares all his secrets in this surprising book, including how to:

  • Pivot your career to become location independent
  • Grow your income and shrink your cost of living
  • Downsize to a small “home base” and spend half your rent abroad
  • Find dream locations to live in
  • Explore the world’s most amazing food cultures
  • Create a new life that brings you joy.

Going gastronomad is much more than embracing a way of life. It’s a state of mind. Whether you’re just thinking about traveling more – not as a tourist but as an intentional traveler – or want to quit your job, sell your home and spend the rest of your life exploring the world, this book will transform how you think about travel, food and life itself.

Mike Elgan, Gastronomad: How Not to Be a Tourist

Mike talks with Leo Laporte about becoming a digital nomad and how to avoid being a tourist while traveling.

Gastronomad Quotes

“How do I travel so often? The secret is to travel and work at the same time.

Thanks to mobile technology and the internet, I’m able to work anywhere. My career as a writer is “location independent.” And I’ve lived this lifestyle, off and on, for a decade. During that time, I’ve mastered the skills necessary to sustain it.”

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