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Infrastructure to develop, deploy, and manage fleets of connected IoT devices at scale

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Balena provides a software platform that helps developers build, deploy, and manage the code that runs on connected devices. In short, we make IoT work.

Our technology is open, standards-based, and proven in production across a wide range of scenarios from drones, 3D printers, point-of-sale devices, tidal turbines, skyscrapers, and more. Our investors include OpenView, Threshold Ventures, Big Pi Ventures, and Ericsson.

Our team is highly-distributed, and we embrace a remote-first culture with flexible hours. This means that we can be highly productive while still maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We value diversity. Our team spans many countries, first languages, and backgrounds. We are always interested in connecting with great candidates regardless of background or prior experience. If you’re not sure whether you’re the right candidate for us, ask us! If you are interested in a role with balena but do not see it listed, please fill out our open application.

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