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strongDM is a customer-first, second, and third company with a rabid fan base. When was the last time you heard things like:

  • Splunk’s CISO Joel Fulton says “strongDM gives you what you can’t get any other way – the ability to see what happens, replay and analyze incidents.”
  • Chef’s co-founder Adam Jacob says “strongDM takes the friction out of getting staff access to the systems they need.”

Customers love us because:

The product rocks: strongDM fundamentally changes the relationship between InfoSec, DevOps, and end users. Enforce the controls security needs while making it easier to facilitate access.

They can trust us: we built a technical product for technical buyers. We do not use jargon. There is no alternative but to always be technically accurate. We are not afraid to admit product gaps.

We’re real humans: we built a serious product without taking ourselves too seriously. Each member of the team is deadly good at their job, and yet we crack jokes on the phone with customers.

Our Values

These are the values we live by at strongDM.

Benefits and Perks

We take care of our people. Being a part of the strongDM team means:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance (free to employees and dependents)

  • 401K, HSA, FSA, short / long-term disability coverage, life insurance

  • 6 weeks of combined accrued vacation + sick time

  • 24 weeks paid parental leave for everyone

  • + 1 month transition time back + childcare stipend for first year

  • Volunteer days + standard holidays

  • Generous monthly and annual stipend for internet + home office

  • No travel required

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