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We've designed your company profile page to help you build your employer brand, raise your visibility, and attract remote talent.

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Share your company's mission, culture, and values. Give prospective candidates an authentic snapshot of what life is like at your company.

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Raise awareness and drive interest in your company. Your profile will appear on the Remote Companies page, on your job listings, and more. Amplify your reach with paid options.

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Put your company culture and open positions in the spotlight, and find people that share your values and want to join your team.

Key items for a complete profile

Your profile page shows basic information about your company. You can optionally choose to add your company values, perks and benefits, and upload a team photo or video. Here's what you'll need to fill out for a complete company profile.

  • Company name

  • Company tagline

  • Website

  • Culture

  • Company size

  • Markets

  • Company logo

  • Social profiles

  • Perks and benefits

  • Values

  • Company description

  • Team photo or video

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Best practices to help you make the most of your company profile page. We're here to help if you have any questions.

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