Governing body of football in Europe

Product Designer with leadership skills


Within the UEFA digital unit, your role will be mainly focused on 3 key aspects:

  • Properly support external consultants and teams to make sure the outcomes of their work are following industry best practices and are aligned to UEFA needs & standards (and do the actual work in some projects);
  • Continuously improving the Design process at UEFA, making sure that value-added to our users is maximised at any release; and
  • Spreading the word about Design internally across UEFA and our partners to increase the level of Design knowledge in the whole product delivery team.

We need a hands-on senior Digital product designer, someone able to do the actual work in some projects, but also being able to lead and support external UX consultants and partners.


  • Create or lead the creation of concepts, wireframes, prototypes, analyse data, conduct user research and experiments
  • Work closely with our Product Owners and Business Managers to make sure we deliver the right product, and that the product is right
  • Improve the current Design processes and techniques
  • Set-up standards, guidelines, patterns to be reused across different projects
  • Have a close look at the industry best practices and latest trends, and apply them whenever it makes sense
  • Enrich and enlarge our current user knowledge base with new experiments or ad-hoc user research
  • Work closely with our Product Owners and Business Managers to make sure all UEFA stakeholders are aware of our deliveries and that we’ve gathered properly their needs
  • Contribute to the growth of the Design knowledge and awareness within UEFA using key soft skills of a UX designer: communication, collaboration, empathy
  • Contribute to the success metrics definition for all the products


  • Experience in designing creative and innovative concepts in a complex framework with multiple constraining factors
  • Proven sports industry and UX design experience is a plus
  • Being proactive, having great communication skills and with experience working on remote teams are a must
  • You have at least 5 years of experience designing at the sports industry, consumer-focused products or media companies. You should have experience in a multi-brand ecosystem of sites/apps, working closely with developers and talking the same language.


  • Must-have formal design education or proven equivalent


  • English / Proficient


  • This is a remote job, with a 2 days trip to Nyon every other week. You’ll be working remotely with other designers, product owners and developers in an agile environment. Living in Europe is mandatory.

Additional Requirements

  • Knowledge and mastery on prototyping tools
  • Knowledge and mastery of web analytics tools
  • Experience defining and documenting guidelines
  • Experience identifying and documenting interaction patterns
  • Experience on A/B testing tools
  • Experience in user research & user testing tools
  • Experience working as a product designer in an agile environment, i.e: inside scrum teams.

How to Apply

Send a resume/portfolio to [email protected].

UEFA website