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Head of Product

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At Doist, our mission is to inspire the workplace of the future by creating simple yet powerful productivity tools that promote a more fulfilling way to work and live.

We’re a multidisciplinary, fully remote team that’s passionate about creating products, like Todoist and Twist, that improve people’s lives. We thrive on innovating new solutions to old productivity challenges and we seek to rethink how productivity tools are made.

Our Core Values

They are few, but they are mighty. From creating processes to decision-making and recruiting, we build our five core values into nearly every single thing we do.

  • Independence. Others can trust that you’ll deliver on time and your teammates don’t need to worry about you keeping your word.
  • Mastery. You love what you do and care deeply about the quality of your work, down to the smallest details. You’re continuously learning and pushing yourself to the limits of your ability. You’re never satisfied with the status-quo.
  • Communication. Your communication is clear, concise, and engaging whether you’re explaining a complex idea or providing feedback to a teammate.
  • Ambition & Balance. You aspire to put a dent in the universe. To do this, you set high standards for yourself and those around you. The time you spend on work isn’t measured by quantity, but by quality.
  • Impact. You’re able to take a bird’s eye view to pinpoint and then solve issues that have a high impact on our customers, our team, and our company. You’re committed to the health and success of both your teammates and Doist as a company.

We invite you to visit our blog to learn more about us, our values, and how we work.

How have we done product work so far?

Doist’s product team is mostly composed of team heads that have a talent and passion for product work. Currently, we are a team of 6 people who meet weekly to discuss things related to our products, and we distribute work between us (for example, a product spec for a feature).

As a smaller company, our product setup worked wonderfully for many years. However, as Doist has continued to grow, now to over 70 people, we’ve seen the pressure some of our team members are placed under to juggle product work alongside their core duties.

What are our biggest product challenges?

We believe we can take our product work to the next level by building a core team that will focus exclusively on how to make world-class products. Your role as the Head of Product will be to build and lead this team.

The scope and complexities of our product work have increased over the years. We have two products that are at very different stages and, as a result, very different challenges.

  • For Todoist, our challenge is managing and evolving a product that’s used and loved by millions of people. Popularity has its problems, as it’s hard to make changes and juggle optimizing for power users or newcomers.
  • For Twist, our challenge is that we still have not hit the right product-market fit. We see sparks of product-market fit, but there’s still significant work left to achieve the ambition to change the way that teams communicate.

These are daunting, yet exciting challenges that, with your help, we hope to resolve!

Your role

  • We are looking for a person that can build and lead the Doist product organization. Your responsibilities will be the following:
  • You’ll drive the long-term direction for our products and help to communicate it internally.
  • Your product vision is based on combining solid product intuition with strong customer research.
  • You’ll be a coordinator and communicator between the product team and the heads of marketing, support, engineering, and design.
  • You will be responsible for the product organization as a whole and report to the CEO.
  • You will be responsible for tracking core product metrics, such as activation, retention, and monetization.
  • You’ll help us hire great product people and build out an incredible product team.
  • You’ll lead, edit or create anything product related.
  • You’ll be responsible for setting your team up for success and providing guidance along the way.
  • Internally, you’ll communicate product updates every month, so people are aware of the product changes.

About you

We expect you to have led product teams that have reached millions of people via outstanding products. SaaS and product-led growth experience are a significant plus.

You want to join a remote-first company that’s distributed all over the globe, uncompromising in commitment to its values and mission, and focused on the long-term. You can commit to this challenge for many years, and you don’t hop around from job to job.


A complete application includes:

  • A resume or manually entered experience (you can choose your preference).
  • Thoughtful, thorough responses to all the application questions. No cover letter needed!

The process will be as follows:

  1. Interview with Amir S., our founder, and CEO.
  2. We’ll ask you to complete a test project.
  3. Interview with Lucile F., our Product Manager.
  4. Interview with Gonçalo S., our CTO.


Our perks and benefits are designed to provide the freedom and support you need to grow personally and professionally. Here’s what that looks like:

The basics

  • Work from anywhere in the world. We never place restrictions on locations.
  • Design your own schedule. Work no more than 40 hours/week.
  • Competitive pay. Our formula-based salary calculation provides a highly competitive rate based on your skills and location.

Expand your professional skills

  • Pursue personal projects. All Doisters get one month per year to spend on a work-related project they’re passionate about
  • Attend conferences. You’ll have a recurring budget to spend on attending conferences that grow your professional knowledge, skills, and network.
  • Company retreats. Our annual company-wide retreats are unforgettable.

Craft your ideal work environment

  • Cozy up at a coworking space. Find a coworking space that’s right for you and Doist will cover the expense.
  • Apps and services budget. You’ll have a monthly budget to spend on services that help you do your job.
  • Hardware budget. You’ll have access to a recurring budget to spend on work-related equipment.

Focus on your well-being

  • Generous time off. Doisters get 8 weeks (40 days) of PTO/year to use as they wish on vacations and national holidays.
  • Parental leave. New parents receive 5 weeks of paid parental leave in addition to 13 weeks of paid pregnancy-related medical leave.
  • Invest in your health and wellness. You’ll have a monthly budget to spend on things like gym membership, healthy snacks, massages, health insurance, etc.

All information collected through this application is stored in Workable, Doist’s Applicant Tracking System, where it will be used for recruitment purposes only. For more information on how we handle candidate data at Doist, we invite you to review our recruitment privacy notice. For questions, please contact us at [email protected] (managed by Andrew G. & Mitch from PeopleOps).

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