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Data Engineer

We are seeking a Data Engineer with excellent technical understanding focused on building and maintaining back end data solutions, utilizing AWS technologies, to support programmatic advertising and analytics initiatives. As part of the Data Engineering team, you’ll help build the platform to enable data-driven decisions and products that scale along with our business.

About Us

Perengo is a programmatic job advertising platform. We automate job distribution, measure / analyze performance in real time, and optimize towards our customer’s primary KPIs including cost-per-application and cost-per-hire.

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  • Knows and loves the startup world - quick thinking and acting with minimal/no supervision
  • Able to build enterprise grade architectures off of minimal and changing requirements
  • Self driven, independent, creative and eager to learn new skills
  • Aren’t happy with good, and build to great

Technical Requirements:

  • Excellent and proven knowledge of Postgres on Amazon RDS
  • Excellent and proven knowledge of Amazon Redshift
  • Excellent and proven knowledge of Python
  • Excellent and proven knowledge of SQL
  • Good knowledge of streaming data solutions, such as Kinesis, Kinesis Analytics, Kafka, etc.
  • EXPLAIN ANALYZE is one of your most used SQL commands
  • Good knowledge of the following technologies is a bonus:
  • Airflow
  • AWS
  • Shell scripting
  • Docker
  • Pandas
  • Proficiency in Git, JIRA and Teamcity are a plus
  • 4+ years in a production environment a plus


  • Design, build and maintain resilient data pipelines from a variety of data sources
  • Database administration, tuning, management and security
  • Providing technical support for all database environments
  • Development and organization of all databases
  • Assessment and implementation of new technologies for the database layer
  • Collaborate with data science and stakeholders across the organization to raise the bar for data best practices and management
  • Providing long-term perspective on the relationship of the selected database technology to business opportunities
  • Set up, configure maintain and enhance proper infrastructure to support a large scale data analytics environment
  • Take a pragmatic approach to development through understanding and making well-reasoned technical decisions and tradeoffs
  • Participate in pairing sessions, code reviews, and take initiative on research projects/requirements
  • Think and work agile, including automated testing, continuous integration and deployment

Related Experiences:

  • Data Architect
  • Postgres/RDS and Redshift Engineer
  • Analytics Engineer
  • Backend Data Engineer
  • Data Warehouse Engineer
  • ETL Engineer

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