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Full Stack Developer

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Mysterium Network is the world’s first decentralized VPN incentivised with cryptocurrency. We have been in development for the last two years, focused on building a global node network, upgrading NAT traversal mechanics within our node software, and organically growing our user bases in emerging markets.


As a full stack developer, you will be working closely with an amazing team to build cutting edge technology products & features in an open source software environment, using a variety of technologies.

We’re looking to improve and expand our current platforms such as, our VPN product UIs as well as build new tools that would help us improve node runner, VPN consumer and B2B client experience, reach new markets and expand the network. We’re looking for someone who’d love to show initiative by helping us shape our products with your experience and sense of usability.

While we require a good understanding of backend (node.js) technologies, the person filling this position should excel in frontend development, from slicing design to creating and maintaining project’s React.js single page app. Our products relevant to this position use the following technologies.


  • ReactJS
  • Redux (Mobx or other state management)
  • SCSS (or other css preprocessor)
  • Webpack / Babel


  • Node.js
  • Mysql
  • Redis
  • Prometheus

Required skills:

  • 3+ years of work experience as a full stack developer
  • Mastery of JavaScript, HTML and CSS
  • At least one of the following flavours: Typescript, Flow, ES6/ES8
  • 1+ year experience with nodeJS frameworks (such as next.js, gatsby, nest.js, meteor etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of Docker
  • Love for code quality; Write good clean code, capable of providing confidence in own work (with unit tests, TDD, etc.) and participate in regular code reviews
  • Passionate about learning and encouraging others to learn about the latest tech and new ways of doing and approaching problems
  • Self-motivated, ambitious, flexible, self-sufficient

We’re an open source company, sharing is our core value so while it’s not required, previous contribution to open source is a big plus.

In case you’re coming from a closed source background, please send us some code that you’re proud of and would like to share. If there’s nothing you can share (for various reasons), please complete one of the following tasks described in this repository.

Extra bonus points for:

  • UX practices
  • Knowledge of PHP and Laravel (you may need to migrate an app from PHP to nodeJS stack)
  • Knowledge of Agile methodologies, coding standards, source control management, building processes, and collaborative development tools (e.g Github, Bash, Jira)
  • Experience with desktop deployment automation architecture, design/migration and
  • Troubleshooting
  • Know-how in building mobile apps for IOS / Android
  • Hands on experience in other backend languages and technologies (golang, python, kotlin)
  • Knowledge of IP networking
  • Building product from the ground up

##What we offer:

  • Ownership of the area, freedom to experiment, opportunity to learn new things in the ever-developing field of web 3, blockchain, and privacy
  • Guidance from ambitious, open-minded professionals, eager to make a change in the world
  • Possibility to learn Golang
  • Dedicated courses budget for professional growth
  • Benefits include flexible hours, the ability to work remotely or from the office and all of the other goodies as MYST tokens

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