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RegEx and Xpath Specialist


We build the world's best software for automatically creating classified ads

RegEx and Xpath Specialist

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This is a full-time, permanent position, and is required to work PST timezone business hours.

At Rooof, we build the world’s best software for automatically creating classified ads. That said, we’re even more proud of the team that we’ve built. We love working together and we’re very good at innovating, selling, and capturing the hearts of our customers! We’ve been getting more prospective customer than we can handle, and are excited at the prospect of being able to add to our talented team.

“RegEx/XPath Specialist” may not be a common position, but these technologies play an important role in our product. Our client-side software is a Google Chrome browser extension that can parse a website to find information and then use that information to dynamically create classified ads for our customers, and RegEx/XPath Specialists write Regular Expressions and XPath statements inside of a JSON structures so that our software knows where to look on each website.

Our software can run on any website, so you’ll see quite a variety of beautiful and less-than-beautiful websites that we need to work with. We call this process “mapping” because you “map” data on websites to expected values on classified websites.

Who you’d be working with:

  • Liyani is our mapping expert and will show you the ropes. You will have the opportunity to tap into his vast knowledge as needed. He will supervise your day-to-day work.
  • Allen and Tom are our salespeople, and they’re landing new deals, which means we have lots of websites to map! They’ll be handing us brand new customer portfolios to map.
  • Lauren and Justine handle customer service, including training, support, and account management. They’re interacting with our customers on a daily basis and will be the first to submit a ticket if a website has changed and needs a fix, or if one of our customers wants to customize how we map their website data.
  • Matt is our Director of Product and ultimately oversees the Mapping operations on the team.

What your day looks like:

  • Write XPATH statements that our software will use to extract data from websites.
  • Write Regular Expressions to sanitize data which was found using XPATH.
  • Merge sanitized strings into human-readable sentences in a way that meets or exceeds standards of variability.
  • Find innovative and creative ways to improve our variable content generation while meeting expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

Here’s a sample of the work that you might do:

  • We’ve received a free trial request from a large potential customer. We want to impress them by showing how our software can parse real-time pricing data from their website and then make a classified ad for any property or unit in their portfolio. You’ve got to write the XPath and RegEx necessary to find all the variables that will be used in this specially templated ad and test it to ensure top quality.
  • Justine is giving a training session tomorrow morning, but one of our customers just rebuilt their website with a fancy new map. We need you to extract the latitude, longitude, and street address from the new map widget.
  • We need you to map a new property management website, but here’s the odd thing…They’ve got an iframe on their homepage and some of their photos are hosted on Flickr. This might get tricky!
  • Sometimes a website you’re mapping can be a little bare bone, and it’s tough to build engaging content without any source material. You’ll want to work with the Client Services team to find new and alternate ways to improve and grow the content output.

Who are you:

  • You are detail-oriented.
  • You are customer-focused.
  • You are dedicated to becoming an expert in constructing XPath statements.
  • You are dedicated to becoming an expert in constructing Regular Expressions.
  • You are familiar with Git version control.
  • You prefer it done right, not necessarily right now.
  • You have exceptional problem-solving abilities and you don’t give up.
  • Previous experience with XPath, RegEx, JSON, and Git are required.


  • We offer competitive, fair, and equitable compensation packages, based on experience
  • Work from anywhere (provided you have access to adequate internet/wifi)
  • Three weeks (15 days) of paid vacation
  • Paid sick time off
  • Professional development opportunities

What does success look like?

On the technical side of things, success is:

  • being detail oriented and delivering high-quality, efficient XPath and Regular Expressions.
  • continually looking to improve these skills as well as helping to identify improvement opportunities when it comes to our “mapping” systems and standards.
  • prioritizing tasks in order to respect service standards and deadlines, while maintaining high quality standards and/or clearly communicating any issues or potential delays (instead of rushing.) As previously mentioned “we want to do it right, not necessarily right now.”

Socially, success is:

  • fully integrating with the team and investing in those you work with. We expect to have each other’s backs as part of the Rooof family!
  • keeping strong lines of communication open with team members.
  • delivering service to other departments just as if they were “customers.” This position doesn’t work directly with external clients, but we need to do our best to serve our teammates so that they can do their best to serve the clients on our behalf.

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