Mid-level front-end developer (React)


Mid-level front-end developer (React)

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VIBBIO is hiring an intermediate frontend developer for its product team. We are a diverse, distributed team currently spread between Oslo, Bergen, and Belgium. You can be based anywhere in the UK or EU.

We’re looking for someone who

  • enjoys collaborating with team members from all disciplines
  • has experience with writing Javascript applications using React
  • enjoys writing maintainable, modern CSS
  • has solid communications skills and is comfortable working in a distributed team
  • not afraid to learn some Node.js if needed

The technologies we use are currently Sass, React/Redux, Node.js, MongoDB and MySQL. You don’t need to be comfortable with all of them but you should be interested in learning some of them when needed.

Our code is running mostly on Google Cloud, and we also use cloud services like MongoDB Atlas, and Amazon Web Services.

What it’s like to work at VIBBIO

  • we are a remote-friendly team, with half of the product team working remote within European time-zones
  • we’re a small, ambitious company full of great people, where you will have a big impact and lots of autonomy
  • we use modern tools and processes, and we adjust as we go and learn what works for us
  • we value transparency and believe in mentoring each other
  • we maintain a good work-life balance, with 37.5 working hours per week and 5 weeks of vacation per year

You can read more about how we work and what we build at our blog and take a look at our current team on our website.

What you will be doing at VIBBIO

  • design and build functional, good looking UI components for our product
  • work closely with other team members to implement new features and improve existing ones
  • take part in product research and user testing

We do not expect you to have seen it all. We are eager to help you along, and to make sure you succeed at VIBBIO. This is how we think your first months on the job will look like.

During the first two weeks, you will

  • learn about our vision, our product, and our customers
  • meet all of your team mates, and learn about the way we work
  • ship your first change to production

After six weeks, you will

  • be able to design, develop, and ship new features by yourself across our entire stack (we always collaborate and help each other out!)
  • have taken co-ownership of our product design, and have started making visible improvements
  • be ready to help out with customer support on Intercom

After three months, you will

  • own your work through the entire cycle from planning to shipping to production and into maintenance and improvement
  • mentor your co-workers
  • be ready to dive into new areas of work that are outside your comfort zone

Our interview process

We do not believe in whiteboard interviews, we want to understand who you are and how you think in real world situations.

We want you to be able to show us the best version of yourself during this process. We’re not out to lure you into a trap which is why we want you to know what it will look like.

  1. We invite you for a first chat to get to know you better, usually via video call.
  2. We ask you to complete a small coding challenge which we design just for you, so we get an idea of your current skill level and have something to talk about during the next stage. You will be able to choose between a challenge focusing on creation, and one focusing on refactoring.
  3. We invite you to our offices in Oslo for a face-to-face interview where we go through your coding challenge, and where you will be able to meet more members of the team.
  4. We may schedule another video call to address all remaining questions you and we may have.


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