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Thursday, Dec 7, 2017

What is it like to live in Ubud / Bali?

This is our personal story. In this article I want to share useful information about living in Ubud. What is good and what is not so good about living here. I’ll share my answer in this blog post.

Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017

What extraordinary experiences have you had as a nomad?

I have read and heard about people doing things like traveling on cargo ships, volunteering in farms, and even doing disaster relief. I would like to hear about some of the interesting life experiences that you guys have had, and how you came across these opportunities.

Thursday, Nov 30, 2017

Anyone work out of a Van?

Wanting to get one and travel North America.

Monday, Nov 27, 2017

The digital nomads working in paradise

A town in Indonesia is home to a thriving group of professionals who have traded office drudgery for a more idyllic work environment.

Thursday, Nov 23, 2017

Can any female nomads share their stories?

How it started? Where you have lived? Life after 30 plus? After 30 I mean socially, does it become “lonely” or you are just alone a lot because you are in foreign cities.

Monday, Nov 20, 2017

A Little Reckoning… On Transformative Travel Experiences and 9 Years of Travel

To call it sadness gives it too much weight. But happiness is too vibrant and concrete. I don’t feel identifiably happy as I enter my tenth year on the road. At least not toward travel, particularly. It’s more like a heavy uncertainty.

Friday, Nov 17, 2017

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Every Country in the World?

I’ve mentioned a few times that going to every country in the world wasn’t as expensive as most people initially think. But how much did it really cost?

Monday, Nov 13, 2017

What's your daily routine like as a remote worker?

What’s your daily routine like as a remote worker?

Friday, Nov 10, 2017

What Mongolian Nomads Teach Us About the Digital Future

People who pack up and transport their house twice a year become choosy about their possessions. I recently traveled among the nomads of Mongolia for two weeks and had a chance to inspect their belongings. I was there to photograph their traditional practices, which were more intact than I expected. Along the way I discovered the Mongolians may have a few lessons for the future of digital culture.

Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017

You Know You’re a Remote Worker When…

You Know You’re a Remote Worker When…

Tuesday, Nov 7, 2017

What are your current income streams? How many projects/customers do you manage/acquire each month What is the average billing per month?

I’m wanting to understand the personal finance aspect of this lifestyle from people who have successfully done it for years, maybe decades. If you feel open enough to share it, it would be nice to see some breakdowns of how you sustain yourself month-to-month.

Monday, Nov 6, 2017

Underrated Cities/Countries for Digital Nomads?

Which locations would you nominate as places that more digital nomads should consider? (Places with a relatively simple tourist visa entry/renewal process, internet reliability, low cost of living, etc.)

Thursday, Nov 2, 2017

These Are the World’s Happiest Places

What do Denmark, Costa Rica, and Singapore have in common? Their people feel secure, have a sense of purpose, and enjoy lives that minimize stress and maximize joy. Here’s how they do it.

Monday, Oct 30, 2017

Tips for separating work and life?

Since I work remotely and don’t have to be online for any specific hours, work is always on my mind. I can’t escape it and it’s driving me insane. I end up checking Slack every hour or two, even at 7:00 a.m. Anyone have tips and experiences for separating remote work from everyday life?

Friday, Oct 27, 2017

Life on the road: More than 400 nomads live out of tiny vans after rejecting the 'American Dream' form their own 'town' in Oregon

More than 400 nomads came together this month for one of America’s largest ‘vanlife’ gatherings.

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017

Working from cruise ships?

Has anyone had experience with trying to work on a cruise liner? Are any lines more work friendly than others?

Thursday, Oct 19, 2017

The first 150 days of van life

Today marks my 150th day in my van. Since I left Berlin in May I visited 6 countries, drove more than 12,000 km, collected more than 180,000 Wh of solar power and met a lot of interesting people.

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017

Gun shy about committing to a place for longer than 3 months

Lately, I’ve been finding myself in a dilemma: one part of me is tired of the nomad life and the other half of me is terrified of committing to one place.

Tuesday, Oct 17, 2017

How to Succeed as a Digital Nomad

I feel that too often people are sold a fantasy which simply is not attainable. You can live your dream, but you’re typically going to have to work your ass off first. As long as you’re willing to work hard, you’ve got a pretty good chance of succeeding. Take it for what it’s worth.

Tuesday, Oct 10, 2017

Dealing with mental fatigue and loneliness while solo traveling

For you experienced solo travelers, any tips on maintaining mental health? I feel as though I want to stay in my room for a while, but I am forcing myself to go out for now.