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Monday, Dec 3, 2018

For someone who wants to become a “digital nomad”

Hi, I’m a long time lurker on this page and I just have a few questions that I need some help answering: What does it mean to be a digital nomad? What does a normal work week usually look like? What are some Pros/Cons of being a digital nomad? What interested you/ made you want to take on this occupation? What are some tips you would tell someone wanting to be a digital nomad in the future?

Friday, Nov 30, 2018

A digital nomad is not respected at my job - is it good to keep your nomad status a secret?

Do you all pretend to be living a boring life to avoid this perception, or the envy of office-bound coworkers?

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018

How does employee onboarding in your remote teams look like?

What are the processes, the tools? How much time does it take? What are the pain points?

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018

Has anyone made a successful career by working remote jobs found on Upwork/Freelancer?

Can you describe your experience?

Friday, Nov 23, 2018

Dating as a Digital Nomad

In the last year, I’ve never spent more than a few weeks in the same city as someone I’ve dated. What it’s like to date as a digital nomad.

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018

How to not pay to maintain an empty home but not live out of 1 suitcase

For me the biggest inhibition to spending more time on the road is the money spent on monthly rent at home to have a place to store my crap.

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

One year nomad - a review

Today one year ago I decided to get rid of my belongings and live out of a suitcase. It started as an experiment I didn’t expect to be doing for long. However after 365 days without a permanent home, I have no intentions on changing my current setup.

Monday, Nov 12, 2018

2 Years In. My Digital Nomad Experience & Stopping

I’m getting DEEP eyerolls when I tell folks from home I’m burnt out on travel, especially those with kids. But everything being new and different is exhausting after 2 years. Money, costs, cabs, trains, language, eating times, friends, tipping, drinking, buying transit tickets, just getting lunch can be a real endeavor. Spending a lot of intellectual capacity on basic daily things.

Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

Is adopting the DN life the modern day equivalent of skipping town and joining the circus?

I feel like that’s how some people react to it.

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2018

Going back to 9-5, how to word 2 years traveling and hardly working in resume?

I miss working with people and want to go back to having office friends (at least for a while), but I am not sure on how to word my effective hiatus from the tech grind. I want to get across that I was progressing, just in different ways. Has anyone else had this problem? I feel like just attaching a picture of me on top of a mountain or something and being like “This is what I did for 2 years”.

Thursday, Oct 25, 2018

What’s the most overrated / underrated place you’ve lived and worked in?

What’s the most overrated / underrated place you’ve lived and worked in?

Friday, Oct 19, 2018

My first month as a Digital Nomad in Bali

It’s already been one month since I’m working from Canggu, Bali. I wanted to write a blog post to give you a feedback about my life here. It may make you want you to come here, and that’s the goal. Bali is amazing!

Thursday, Oct 18, 2018

Creating a new sense of home is part of the travel process

Everyone travels in different ways, and I think every experienced wanderer balances the idea of home and travel on his or her own terms. But one amazing thing that travel teaches you is that coming home — or finding home — after a long trip doesn’t spell the end to your wandering; it just deepens your relationship to the adventures yet to come.

Thursday, Oct 11, 2018

Nomad that don't visit or work at co-working spaces nor cafés

I never ever work in co-working spaces or cafés during my 2 years of nomading. I rent nice Airbnbs for a reason, to have a good place, a comfy sofa or desk to relax and work at undistracted. When I’m hungry or want some coffee I will relax in a café for a while and think of anything but work. Thank you.

Monday, Oct 8, 2018

What inspired you to (want to) become a digital nomad

For me it was a series of things that lead to my epiphany that a DN life fit me. I struggled after the 2008 crash…I realized being a DN meant I could stop struggling financially and finally start living again. It wasn’t always easy but I know circumstances wouldn’t have been better if I hadn’t become a DN.

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018

Ex-nomads, how did you decide where to settle?

I’m looking for opinions from nomads who’ve spend 2-3+ years traveling nomadically and then decided to put down roots somewhere. Where are you? How did you decide?

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2018

What did you wish you knew prior to setting off as a digital nomad?

What did you wish you knew (regarding planning/locations etc..) prior to setting off as a digital nomad?

Monday, Sep 17, 2018

How to build a van to work on the road

Back in November, my girlfriend and me decided to build our own van and travel through Europe for a couple of month… Back then I had a great full-time job as a Business Developer at imgly, a B2B SaaS company. When I told them about my plans, they allowed me to work remotely during my travel. So here are my main insights from months of research, planning, converting and living the #vanlife.

Thursday, Sep 13, 2018

Any older (>40) Digital Nomads here?

I’m mid forties and thinking of hitting the road again (last time was my late thirties, and only for six months). Wondering who else is in that position and what your recent experiences have been.

Wednesday, Sep 12, 2018

Digital Nomadism Goes Mainstream

Once an under-the-radar trend, living the digital nomad lifestyle has become so well-accepted it’s now an aspirational spectator sport, like watching HGTV is for some, new research indicates.