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Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019

How Estimates of the Gig Economy Went Wrong

Rise in nontraditional work arrangements was more modest than originally estimated, a new paper says.

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019

I’m a gig worker. I understand why you don’t give me benefits. But please do.

Alternative work. Contingent work. The gig economy. The world in which I live, floating from gig to gig, unable to gain a solid financial footing, is one without pay raises or basic benefits.

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018

High score, low pay: why the gig economy loves gamification

Using ratings, competitions and bonuses to incentivise workers isn’t new – but as I found when I became a Lyft driver, the gig economy is taking it to another level.

Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018

Gig-Economy Workers Are the Modern Proletariat

Reports from the International Labor Organization and the JPMorgan Chase Institute describe the plight of different kinds of gig-economy workers who struggle to make even their countries’ minimum wage toiling for giant tech platforms.

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018

The Online Gig Economy’s ‘Race to the Bottom’

When the whole world is fighting for the same jobs, what happens to workers?

Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018

The myth of the job-hopping, rootless millennial is just that — a myth

Hype about the “gig economy” aside, Americans are becoming more attached to their jobs and communities, not less.

Wednesday, Jul 4, 2018

Maybe the Gig Economy Isn’t Reshaping Work After All

You can see the gig economy everywhere but in the statistics.

Monday, Jun 25, 2018

How the growing gig economy is making life harder for North American workers

A journalist argues the new climate has led to people without things like unemployment insurance, retirement savings and a feeling of security.

Thursday, Jun 14, 2018

Everything we thought we knew about the gig economy is wrong

The share of people working in “alternative” work arrangements, an important government measure of the prevalence of “gig” work, is shrinking rather than rising, according to newly released BLS data.

Monday, Mar 12, 2018

Thriving in the Gig Economy

To learn what it takes to be successful in independent work, we recently completed an in-depth study of 65 gig workers. We found remarkably similar sentiments across generations and occupations: All those we studied acknowledged that they felt a host of personal, social, and economic anxieties without the cover and support of a traditional employer—but they also claimed that their independence was a choice and that they would not give up the benefits that came with it.

Wednesday, Feb 7, 2018

Will Work For No Benefits: The Challenges Of Being In The New Contract Workforce

Being on your own in the workforce often means you don’t have the safety net of benefits and other forms of support that traditional workers do. And the toll isn’t just financial, but physical and emotional too.

Thursday, Jan 11, 2018

The Human Cost of the Ghost Economy

There is a story about a ghost economy. The distance between the main employer, the company that hires the temp agency, and the worker who fulfills these gigs, allows for the same type of casual cruelty that is exchanged between people who meet on online dating apps.

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017

The Uber Game

Can you make it in the gig economy?

Thursday, Aug 31, 2017

When a gig economy company folds, workers can be left holding the bag

If you work in the gig economy, you have no idea what’s going on in your employer. You’re not even an employee in the meaning of the law. This does feel like something that could afflict people in the gig economy in a unique way because it’s going to hit them by surprise.

Thursday, Aug 3, 2017

The gig economy of the 18th Century

While it might seem that long-established ways of working are being disrupted, history shows us that the one person, one career model is a relatively recent phenomenon. Prior to industrialisation in the 19th Century, most people worked multiple jobs to piece together a living.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Is the Gig Economy Working?

Many liberals have embraced the sharing economy. But can they survive it?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I spent two weeks delivering for Uber Eats and made $4.4 per hour

For two weeks, Breakit’s reporter Erik Wisterberg has secretly infiltrated the much-hyped food delivery services Foodora and Uber Eats. We can now reveal the truth behind the life as a bike courier – and the actual numbers behind it.

Thursday, Apr 20, 2017

The Gig Economy's False Promise

The promises Silicon Valley makes about the gig economy can sound appealing. Its digital technology lets workers become entrepreneurs, we are told, freed from the drudgery of 9-to-5 jobs.

Wednesday, Apr 12, 2017

How to Work in the Gig Economy and Still Save Like a Corporate Lifer

There are lots of things to recommend the freelance lifestyle. But matching retirement contributions and a regular pay cheque aren’t among them. Here’s how to be the boss of your own money.

Friday, Mar 24, 2017

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death

At the root of this is the American obsession with self-reliance, which makes it more acceptable to applaud an individual for working himself to death than to argue that an individual working himself to death is evidence of a flawed economic system.