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Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019

One day of paid work a week is all we need to get mental health benefits of employment

“We know unemployment is often detrimental to people’s wellbeing, negatively affecting identity, status, time use, and sense of collective purpose. We now have some idea of just how much paid work is needed to get the psychosocial benefits of employment – and it’s not that much at all.”

Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019

No, Night Owls Aren’t Doomed to Die Early

Despite alarmist headlines and a study that suggested morning people live longer, the truth is more complicated.

How modern life is transforming the human skeleton

From the emergence of a spiky growth at the back of some people’s skulls to the enigmatic finding that our elbows are getting narrower, our bones are changing in surprising ways.

Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

Burnout is Now an Official Medical Condition

Burnout is real, and it now has its own distinction with the World Health Organization (WHO) as a legitimate medical syndrome.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

City life damages mental health in ways we’re just starting to understand

Urban dwellers are particularly at risk from the impacts of air pollution and other hazards on mental health.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Is Conference Room Air Making You Dumber?

A small body of evidence suggests that when it comes to decision making, indoor air may matter more than we have realized.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

You’re not getting enough sleep—and it’s killing you

“The decimation of sleep throughout industrialized nations is having a catastrophic impact on our health, our wellness, even the safety and education of our children. It’s a silent sleep loss epidemic. It’s fast becoming one of the greatest challenges we face in the 21st century,”

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Putting Down Your Phone May Help You Live Longer

By raising levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol, our phone time may also be threatening our long-term health.

Tuesday, Apr 30, 2019

How living on the wrong side of a time zone can be hazardous to your health

We also set up conflicts between our natural and social clocks in other, less obvious ways, a fact underscored in research published this month in the Journal of Health Economics. It turns out, the study found, that living on the wrong side of a time zone’s boundary can have negative consequences on a person’s health and wallet.

Monday, Apr 8, 2019

From moms to medical doctors, burnout is everywhere these days

A common ailment is going around, and you probably know someone plagued by it. Caused in part by social media, the 24-hour news cycle and the pressure to check work email outside of office hours, it could hit you, too — especially if you don’t know how to nip it in the bud. Burnout is everywhere.

Thursday, Mar 14, 2019

Weekend ‘catch-up sleep’ is a lie

The negative health effects of skimping on sleep during the week can’t be reversed by marathon weekend sleep sessions, according to a sobering new study.

Friday, Mar 1, 2019

Forget standing desks: to stay healthy, you've got to move all day

The solution to sitting isn’t to stand, though it helps. In fact, according to the findings of a 2015 consensus panel on the topic, we need to be on our feet two to four hours while at work. But the real solution is to move. All day. The stillness is what’s killing us. We should be pacing the hallways and climbing stairs and squatting and lunging and stretching.

Thursday, Jan 24, 2019

Screen time: how much is too much?

It has become a defining question of our age: do children and adolescents spend more time than is healthy staring at a phone, tablet or computer? Should parents limit their access? Should governments?

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

Why We Sleep, and Why We Often Can’t

Dreams also help us to master new skills; practicing a task or a language in our sleep can be as helpful as doing so when we are awake.

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2018

Are You Sitting Down? Standing Desks Are Overrated

They’re not cures for anything, and standing is not exercise.

Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018

Do we really need eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a night?

Humans can sleep on very different schedules, with little difference in wakeful competence. International sleep researchers have trialled a number of different sleep schedules: sleep for 20 minutes every hour; one hour sleep every three hours; ten hours sleep every 28 hours. Participants survive easily on all these schedules despite their impracticality in our 24-hour world.

Wednesday, Sep 19, 2018

Maybe Your Sleep Problem Isn’t a Problem

The conventional wisdom is that morning people are high achievers, go-getters, while late risers are lazy. But what if going to bed in the wee hours is actually an advantage?

Thursday, Sep 6, 2018

Chemists discover how blue light speeds blindness

Blue light from digital devices and the sun transforms vital molecules in the eye’s retina into cell killers, according to optical chemistry research at The University of Toledo.

Tuesday, Sep 4, 2018

How to Prevent Injuries Even if You Work a Desk Job

Is poor posture why your neck and shoulders hurt? You can fix bad habits and relieve pain without even leaving your chair.

Friday, Aug 24, 2018

While We Sleep, Our Mind Goes on an Amazing Journey

Our floodlit society has made sleep deprivation a lifestyle. But we know more than ever about how we rest—and how it keeps us healthy.