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Friday, Jun 28, 2019

Your Morning Routine Doesn’t Matter That Much

But striving for A Morning Routine — the jam-packed, hyper-productive exercise we’ve come to discuss with so much reverence — is just one more way people set themselves up to fail. Forcing yourself through the motions of someone else’s idea of success, without stopping to consider your individual wants and needs, is a quick ticket to a lot of guilt and frustration.

Monday, Apr 15, 2019

I Let a Stranger Watch Me Work for a Day — And I’ve Never Been More Productive

Focusmate is the internet’s most invasive productivity hack. I put it to the test.

Thursday, Apr 11, 2019

Productivity Isnt About Time Management Its About Attention Management

“Time management” is not a solution — it’s actually part of the problem.

Thursday, Apr 4, 2019

Six easy ways to manage your time better

The amount and quality of what you achieve are crucially dependent on how effectively you manage your time. Andrew C. Johnson and John Sumpter propose some simple steps that scientists can take to improve their time management.

Thursday, Jan 31, 2019

The Secret to Getting More Done When You Are Your Own Boss

Staying focused and productive when there’s no one around to hold you accountable can mean the difference between success and failure.

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019

Habit Engineering

Four years ago on new years eve, I set out to build for myself a robust habit of habit engineering. Looking back, doing this has been very transformative for me.

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018

Procrastination Sucks — So Here’s The “Eat That Frog” Way to Powerful Productivity

Spend your most valuable time on your most valuable activities and you’ll change the trajectory of your life.

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2018


A small productivity gain, compounded over 50 years, is worth a lot. So it’s worth figuring out how to optimize productivity. If you get 10% more done and 1% better every day compared to someone else, the compounded difference is massive.

Monday, Oct 22, 2018

Is the secret of productivity really just doing what you enjoy?

By far the biggest predictor of whether something gets done is whether it’s fun to do.

Thursday, Oct 18, 2018

How to Get Things Done When You Don't Feel Like It

Many people turn to procrastination or ignoring the task—but that only postpones the inevitable. You can try to talk your way out of the assignment, and maybe your manager will support you, but at some point the work needs to get done. If you want to be successful, then it serves you better to rise to the occasion no matter what. That means learning how to push through challenges and deliver valuable results.

Monday, Oct 8, 2018

The annoying habits of highly effective people

Perhaps the aim of admiring biographies and articles is to prompt their readers to emulate the work ethic of such leaders. But they will not reach the top of an S&P 500 firm if they do.

Thursday, Jun 21, 2018

The Psychology of Dread Tasks

There are things you want to do. There are things you need to do. Sometimes these are the same. This post is how to handle life when they aren’t.

Friday, Jun 15, 2018

Want More Time? Get Rid of The Easiest Way to Spend It

For the month of May I time-traveled back to 2007, when social media platforms were still just websites you visited. I removed Facebook, Twitter and Reddit from my phone. Throughout the month, if I wanted to use those platforms I had to log in manually at my desk.

Monday, Jun 4, 2018

Why is Answering Email So Stressful?

The average professional spends 4 hours per day responding to work emails. That’s both insane and understandable.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Don’t listen to those productivity gurus: why waking up at 6am won’t make you successful

So, whether you’re laser-focused at 7 a.m. or hitting high gear as the sun sets, it’s worth taking the time to understand yourself better. Track your natural rhythms and make a plan that works for you. After all, prime time is your secret weapon. Use it wisely and I suspect your productivity will soar.

Monday, May 14, 2018

The true cost of email and IM

You only have 1 hour and 12 minutes of uninterrupted productive time a day.

A 2-Year Stanford Study Shows the Astonishing Productivity Boost of Working From Home

The jury was out on the productivity effect of working from home. It has returned with a surprising verdict.

Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018

I Tried Emailing Like A CEO And Quite Frankly, It Made My Life Better

Replying immediately and with two words to all emails is actually heaven.

Friday, Apr 20, 2018

How To Give Your Brain A Break Without Booking Vacation Days

If routine helps you be productive, why does it sometimes make you feel like you need a break from it all?

Thursday, Mar 22, 2018

The Productivity Subculture That Won’t Quit

Part 1 of a two-part series on bullet journaling, exploring the rise of its culture, its many uses, and the benefits of this productivity practice.