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Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020

When everyone can work from home, what’s the office for?

Office workers say they’d like to have the option to work from home more frequently, even after COVID-19 is no longer a threat. They also want help setting work-life boundaries to improve their own productivity.

Inside the Invasive, Secretive “Bossware” Tracking Workers

The services often sound relatively innocuous. Some vendors bill their tools as “automatic time tracking” or “workplace analytics” software. Others market to companies concerned about data breaches or intellectual property theft. We’ll call these tools, collectively, “bossware.” While aimed at helping employers, bossware puts workers’ privacy and security at risk by logging every click and keystroke, covertly gathering information for lawsuits, and using other spying features that go far beyond what is necessary and proportionate to manage a workforce.

Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020

Is Remote Work Here To Stay?

In a previous newsletter, we gave a bearish case for the future of remote work. We spoke with the Stanford psychologist Jeremy Bailenson, whose research shows how existing technologies like Zoom are a poor substitute for face-to-face interactions. A computer screen can’t match the physical office when it comes to opportunities for social bonding, managerial oversight, mentorship and support, and random collisions between colleagues that lead to new ideas. But there’s also the bullish case for remote work.

Monday, Jul 13, 2020

Remote Work — How To Do It Well

I’ve been working with people all over the world, almost entirely remotely (from Lagos, Nigeria), as a software developer, project manager, CTO & CEO for more than 6 years now. Working from home (or anywhere, really) is something that comes naturally to me but I find that a lot of people struggle with it especially in these times.

Saturday, Jul 11, 2020

Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan

Under the plan employees will “begin to primarily work on a remote basis to achieve a working style that allows them to flexibly use their time according to the contents of their work, business roles, and lifestyle”.

Friday, Jul 10, 2020

NODESK: Issue #120

This week’s NODESK newsletter features 23 new remote jobs, and the week’s top remote work reads.

Thursday, Jul 9, 2020

Remote-ish: The Remote-First Solution for Hybrid Companies

Best practices for hybrid teams collaborating across headquarters and home offices.

Tuesday, Jul 7, 2020

How to Stay Connected While Working From Home

One of the most common reasons people are hesitant about working from home is feeling disconnected from coworkers, bosses, and company culture. This is also a common reason employers are skeptical about remote work too. However, there are a lot of ways to stay connected while working from home.

Friday, Jul 3, 2020

NODESK: Issue #119

This week’s NODESK newsletter features 28 new remote jobs, a feature on Close and the week’s top remote work reads.

What the Dutch can teach the world about remote work

The Netherlands may have figured out something about working from home (pandemic or no) that the rest of the world has yet to learn.

Thursday, Jul 2, 2020

Remote work: Employers are taking over our living spaces and passing on costs

Employers argue they make considerable savings on real estate when workers shift from office to home work. However, these savings result from passing costs on to workers. Unless employees are fully compensated, this could become a variant of what urban theorist Andy Merrifield calls parasitic capitalism, whereby corporate profits increasingly rely on extracting value from the public — and now personal — realm, rather than on generating new value.

Wednesday, Jul 1, 2020

Written communication is remote work super power

Asynchronous written communication is the tool best suited for remote work. We are so used to talking to each other in the office, expecting immediate responses in work chat, and having meetings all day, that we tried to replicate that at home with zoom and slack. Writing to each other in slack while expecting immediate answers, or setting up multiple zoom meetings every day will fail with remote work in the long run.

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

For Newly Remote Workers, Small Town U.S.A. Will Lose Its Allure Soon Enough

Lower taxes? Cheaper housing? Shorter commute? For some knowledge workers fleeing the big city amid the pandemic, the perks of relocating to a distant burg will soon grow stale.

Friday, Jun 26, 2020

NODESK: Issue #118

This week’s NODESK newsletter features 28 new remote jobs, and the week’s top remote work reads.

Thursday, Jun 25, 2020

Virtual team building: How to build trust in a remote team beyond games and activities

You want your team to feel connected remotely… but how do you do it without cheesy games and activities? Here are 8 ways to get virtual team building right.

The ‘Home Office’ Does Not Exist

This is a missed opportunity. When you work from home, you don’t have to replicate the office environment. In fact, you shouldn’t. Instead, you should consciously structure your workweek according to the benefits of each location.

Wednesday, Jun 24, 2020

What Happened When the Office Came Home

Since coronavirus lockdowns forced workers to take their jobs home, the home office has once again become a much-coveted feature of modern living.

Tuesday, Jun 23, 2020

How Remote Teams Win With Retention

Doist’s Head of Marketing on how building a culture of trust, calm, and flexibility has led to the company’s 98% retention rate.

Estonia Woos Remote Workers With A Digital Nomad Visa

The Baltic country and EU member is the latest in a handful of countries to create a so-called “digital nomad visa” in the hopes of attracting remote workers to live — and, of course, spend money — inside their borders. For applicants, the key criteria is being able to demonstrate steady remote income.

Do you have the right personality traits for remote work?

As remote work evolves into a long-term reality, our discussions about it need to move beyond the deployment of digital technologies and the understandably awkward adjustment period to life outside of the office. It’s time to start thinking about remote work as a skill set that can be developed and honed.


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