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Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018

Managing Remote Teams - A Crash Course

In this article, i will go over the different kind of setups of remote teams, why and how remote teams work differently, when you want to work remotely and when it’s better not to and lastly a few tricks that worked for the teams i was involved.

I work from home and I’m expecting a kid this year, I need pro tips

I work from home and occasionally travel. My wife an I are expecting our first child this year and I’m curious what pro-tips other remote employees with kids have.

Monday, Dec 10, 2018

The 8 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Applying For a Remote Job

Advice on landing remote roles from hiring experts at Doist, Buffer, InVision, Timely, and Toggl.

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2018

This Software Company Has a $1 Billion Valuation, 800 Employees, and Zero Offices

Operating virtually hasn’t exactly slowed the company down. InVision now has 800 employees (up from fewer than 500 a year ago) and a $1 billion valuation that should increase with its imminent next funding round. By those measures, InVision is already bigger than Slack was when it was named Inc.’s Company of the Year for 2015.

Monday, Dec 3, 2018

Tulsa Remote

Hi, remote workers! We’ll pay you to work from Tulsa. You’re going to love it here.

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018

Has anyone made a successful career by working remote jobs found on Upwork/Freelancer?

Can you describe your experience?

Monday, Nov 26, 2018

Don’t work “remotely”

The term “remote” work itself implies tasks being done at arm’s length, and at some critical remove between object and subject. I’m here, and “the work” is over there, in other words. Like anywhere, this framing is critical. And it’s also mostly wrong. Don’t adopt “remote” working. Adopt distributed work.

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018

How This Startup Made $10.5 Million in Revenue With Every Single Employee Working From Home

Every employee of the San Francisco-based startup, which offers tools for software developers, works from home. Three years ago, that was nine people. Today, GitLab’s 350 employees across 45 countries use video calls and Slack chats to stay constantly connected.

Friday, Nov 16, 2018

Negotiating 100% remote work with employer

My employer is based in NY and I am the representative in a different state. I’ve found that 90% of my job is not location specific and I want to live internationally. So I am creating a proposal to plead my case. Can anyone who has had success negotiating 100% remote work with an employer share their proposal or talking points? A reference would be incredibly helpful!

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018

Building & Managing a Remote Team: Best Practices from Doist’s Head of Marketing

Hint: If you’re asking how to monitor your remote employees, you’re starting with the wrong question.

Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

Four Years on the Road

The benefits are strong - being in control of your own life in a really fundamental way continues to be deeply rewarding, even more so while my daughter Roxy is young. Of course there’s tradeoffs - the hardest fights continue to be the quest for a stable identity, meaning and understanding which direction you’re supposed to be driving in.

Thursday, Nov 1, 2018

My “work from home” job is studying how to keep other remote workers engaged

As a Remote Employee Experience Specialist at Shopify, my role is to keep a pulse on the employee experience of our more than 1,000 full-time remote employees. My days are spent understanding the intricacies of the remote life by identifying new opportunities to elevate employees’ remote experience.

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2018

All 700 employees at this startup work remotely

“It’s about results, not where your IP address is,” Frein said. “We care about what you’re able to do or achieve. If you’re able to achieve something great while working wonky hours, then that’s great.”

Monday, Oct 15, 2018

Distributed Teams: Don’t forget the Fun!

An interesting question to pose, if I have now accepted that distributed teams are a possibility and there is a movement towards them in the future, the question becomes: What is different when you are not in an office together and what tools do you need to stay on track? Taylor Monahan of MyCrypto has the answer in an episode of The Boost VC podcast I interviewed her in: Don’t underestimate how important culture is.

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2018

Burned Out and Fantasizing About a Big Life Reset? Start Here

To get more honest and realistic advice, I asked people who’ve actually made these kinds of big life changes — leaving successful careers in finance and fashion, becoming a tea sommelier or a food truck owner, or turning a school bus into a family home — how they would advise others to find a career and a life that is truer to themselves. Here are a few steps gleaned from their stories that anyone — even the most “normal” among us — can follow.

Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work

Isolation, anxiety, and depression in the remote workplace and what we’re doing about it.

Monday, Sep 17, 2018

How to build a van to work on the road

Back in November, my girlfriend and me decided to build our own van and travel through Europe for a couple of month… Back then I had a great full-time job as a Business Developer at imgly, a B2B SaaS company. When I told them about my plans, they allowed me to work remotely during my travel. So here are my main insights from months of research, planning, converting and living the #vanlife.

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2018

Distributed teams are rewriting the rules of office(less) politics

For all of the discussions about how to hire, fire, coordinate, motivate, and retain remote teams though, what is strangely missing is a discussion about how office politics changes when there is no office at all.

Friday, Sep 7, 2018

How to Avoid Loneliness When You Work Entirely from Home

Here are three principles I’ve found to be effective in staving off isolation, maintaining productivity, and surrounding oneself with a stimulating cadre of colleagues.

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2018

Designing remotely — The best decision I’ve made in my life

Hiya, I’m Charles — I’m a product designer, I work remotely for InVision and I absolutely love it. I received a crazy amount of response from a Tweet I posted a while back so I thought why not do a little write up of all the things remote work and stuff I’ve learnt doing it over the past three years.