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Friday, Jan 3, 2020

Weekly Remote Jobs

This week’s NODESK remote jobs newsletter features 54 new remote jobs.

The Working World: How Estonia’s digital society is creating a haven for startups and entrepreneurs

In Estonia, remote work isn’t a just a perk for employees. It’s essential for the employers.

Thursday, Dec 26, 2019

Vermont, Oklahoma and Now Topeka, Kan., Want You

Topeka, the state capital of Kansas, is the latest community to use money to lure out-of-towners.

Tuesday, Dec 24, 2019

A guide to running offsites for remote companies

Rainforest QA is a distributed team. We have been distributed for seven years, with have Rainforesters all over the world and a truly global culture. On this seven year journey we have learned many lessons on how to run a global company with a coherent culture. According to the team our offsites are the most impactful thing we do to drive our distributed culture. With that in mind, here are some of our tips and learnings after doing ~20 offsites in 5 years.

Monday, Dec 23, 2019

Going Distributed: Choosing the Right Remote-Friendly Team Model

This is part one in a “how-to” series for building effective distributed teams. We’ve compiled advice from CEOs and functional leaders to help you better understand how to structure a distributed team, best practices for hiring and managing distributed and blended teams, and what tools you’ll need to be successful.

Friday, Dec 20, 2019

Weekly Remote Jobs

This week’s NODESK remote jobs newsletter features 35 new remote jobs.

Thursday, Dec 19, 2019

How Entrepreneur and Tech Diversity Advocate Tracy Chou Gets Things Done

In this productivity profile, Tracy walks us through her typical workday as a tart-up founder leading a distributed team. She shares strategies for beating jet lag, her penchant for Chinese pop music while working, and imposing a “no screens” rule after 10 pm.

Wednesday, Dec 18, 2019

The Real Future of Remote Work is Asynchronous

While there are still limitations with asynchronous communication and remote work in general, I believe we will see a huge shift to true freedom and flexibility with evolving work methods and tools. Asynchronous will be the cornerstone of this change.

Thursday, Dec 12, 2019

Weekly Remote Jobs

This week’s NODESK remote jobs newsletter features 29 new remote jobs, and includes a feature on Close.

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019

My experience as a remote worker

Today, I’ll share what my experience has been like—it’ll be an honest look at the ups and downs of remote life. Hopefully, this context will be helpful if you’ve been considering remote work for yourself!

Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019

How to Make Remote a Success

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the P9 Founder Summit in Malta organized by Point Nine Capital. One of the workshops was about remote work. Soon after, I led a webinar for the #p9family and I thought I would share our experience at Bearer thus far.

Monday, Dec 9, 2019

Andreas Klinger, Head of Remote at AngelList: What Work Looks Like in the Future

Andreas Klinger and Anthony Pompliano discuss the future of work, the rise of remote work, best practices for managing remote teams, and a list of actionable productivity hacks that Andreas has seen work well in the past.

A guide to distributed teams

How thoughtful systems (and lots of emoji) make for happy, efficient teams—whether your desks are distributed across floors, cities, or continents.

Thursday, Dec 5, 2019

Weekly Remote Jobs

This week’s NODESK remote jobs newsletter features 37 new remote jobs, and includes a feature on Thorn.

Thursday, Nov 28, 2019

Weekly Remote Jobs

This week’s NODESK remote jobs newsletter features 30 new remote jobs, and includes a feature on Automattic.

Thursday, Nov 21, 2019

Weekly Remote Jobs

This week’s NODESK remote jobs newsletter features 37 new remote jobs, and includes a feature on Piktochart.

Remote Work — Asynchronous Communication

Recently I’ve started a new role at a company where we are all working remote. While we are remote, some of the other companies we are working with are not, so I started thinking about what makes you able to work remote. I’d like to pass on some of what I think makes you a better communicator, not only for remote, but for any kind of group project in general, asynchronous communication.

Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019

The Remote Work Report. Will the office be obsolete by 2030? Knowledge workers think so.

Zapier recently commissioned a survey conducted online by The Harris Poll among over 880 U.S. knowledge workers (those who primarily work in a professional setting and use a computer as part of their job) to discover what’s at the heart of people’s desire to work remotely, and how it’s shaping the way we work.

Friday, Nov 15, 2019

Weekly Remote Jobs

I’m excited to share with you the first issue of the new NODESK remote jobs newsletter. Each issue will feature a digest of remote jobs from the past week as well as the occasional company profile and offbeat piece.

Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019

The Manager’s Schedule Is Holding Back Remote Work

For some, the idea of working remotely is equivalent to laying around, watching Netflix (while working, of course), and going to happy hour by 3 p.m. For others, they can’t imagine driving into the office, being constantly interrupted, and leaving at the end of the day without a sense of accomplishment.

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