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Friday, Sep 8, 2017

8 things remote CEOs do differently

Based on what I personally strive to practice and what I’ve observed from other CEOs who lead remote companies, here are 8 things that remote leaders do differently.

Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017

How do you pay your remote workers located in various countries?

I would like to know how you pay your remote workers as freelance contractors without ending up having to eat expensive fees, or violating any US or remote workers’ country’s tax laws.

Monday, Sep 4, 2017

6 Months of Working Remotely Taught Me a Thing or Ten

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into my first remote job. I did a lot of research before taking the plunge. Ultimately, though, I wasn’t sure if it would be as glamorous as others made it out to be, or if I would find it counterproductive to working, learning, and performing to the best of my abilities. As it turns out, it’s a mixed bag. A lot of positives… and some negatives.

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2017

Is Working Remotely Illegal?

If my online American LLC is serving customers partly automated yet still requiring some work on the laptop, is it “illegal” to work on a tourist visa? Many people also go to Thailand on a 30 day visa, or the infamous Schengen visa for 3 months. They still work remotely- but is that illegal?

Friday, Aug 25, 2017

Not even remotely possible

The biggest transition from office to remote work isn’t the geography; that’s incidental. The biggest transition is the mode of communication, which goes from default-synchronous (walk over to your colleague’s desk) to default-asynchronous (PM them on Slack.)

Thursday, Aug 24, 2017

How to Handle Conflict on Remote Teams

The following guide is the result of two years worth of experiments I’ve done with my own remote team, conveniently packaged to help jumpstart your own conflict resolution journey.

Monday, Aug 21, 2017

Remote working trends in 2017

With proper internet and attention to timezones, you literally can work from anywhere. I did it last year on an around the world trip where I worked from Prague, Vienna, Budapest, the Moscow airport, and Japan. With all this going on, what are some of the recent trends that have popped up to help remote workers and nomads stay sane and productive?

Thursday, Aug 17, 2017

How to Determine if Candidates Will Thrive in a Remote Work Environment

Through trial and error, we’ve developed some core strategies for determining whether candidates will thrive in our remote work environment.

Monday, Aug 14, 2017

Remote workers would rather be watched than ignored and forgotten

Remote workers want the option of being visible online, but they want control over how they are presented. For office workers, visibility might involve arriving early or staying late, but for remote workers it’s digital spaces that give them the opportunity to be seen.

Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017

Why you should work remotely

Prior to starting the position I was worried about whether I could be happy and productive on a remote team. I wondered how project planning would work, whether it would be terribly lonely, and how communication would function when things got hectic.

Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017

The Rise and Fall of Working From Home

While telecommuting, the umbrella term for any work occurring outside the traditional office, has ballooned over the last 20 years, some offices are rethinking overly broad policies. Flexible work remains popular at many organizations, but most companies want workers at work at least some—if not most—of the time.

Monday, Jul 31, 2017

The Remote Work Survival Guide

This Survival Guide to Remote Work will walk you through the major challenges you will face in your remote job—and how to conquer them.

Wednesday, Jul 26, 2017

Go Ahead, Tell Your Boss You Are Working From Home

Working from home (or WFH) has an undeservedly bad reputation, says Stanford economist Bloom. Based on research comparing the productivity of those who are “home working on their couches or in their pajamas” with those commuting and sitting in a cubicle 8 hours a day, Bloom says no one should be afraid to tell their boss they are working at home. Here is the evidence you need to convince your supervisor to let you give it a try.

Monday, Jul 24, 2017

Why Working From Home Is a Future-looking Technology

A Stanford GSB expert shows how companies and employees benefit from workplace flexibility.

Tuesday, Jul 18, 2017

How I failed landing a remote position

I started looking for a remote position, telecommuting in other words, as a software engineer last November. It took me 3 months to apply to ~150 job descriptions and none of them was a successful hire. Nevertheless, I now have a great job and I would like to share that experience with you. I have prepared a spreadsheet listing anonymous applications… I will also share my cover letter and how I approached the remote job hunting.

Monday, Jul 17, 2017

Why I Chose to Build a Fully Remote Company Before it Was Cool

But by the time we had enough money to get an office, I was pretty sure I didn’t want one. Turns out, the benefits of being remote outweighed the legitimacy of having an office.

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2017

Remote Work Is Not About Avoiding the Commute

There’s no single good answer to what works best for professionals, only tradeoffs.

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017

Working from home is a rich-people thing

But for all the talk and think pieces about the blessings/curses of remote work, there’s little acknowledgement that the debate refers to an option (some would say obligation) disproportionately given to wealthy, well-educated workers.

Wednesday, Jul 5, 2017

What are some good practices on remote work?

I ask this question both from the perspective of company and the employee. I’ll be leading a newly built team that is going to partially remote, including my self. So I am just digging around to find some good practices in such work environment.

Monday, Jul 3, 2017

Why total bans on remote work don't remotely work

Two divergent trends force all employees into the office, or all employees to work remotely. It’s time to stop the insanity.

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