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Friday, May 22, 2020

I Just Flew. It Was Worse Than I Thought It Would Be.

The surreal experience of flying during a pandemic, and the false promise of a return to normal.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Ise-ji: Walk With Me

Allow me to share what I love about a good walk in Japan: I love the small villages, coming across a rusted and worn down kissa, sipping a ¥200 cup of the dankest coffee around, listening to an 80 year old mama relay debauched stories of love lost over a slice of pizza toast. I love the Japan-walking clichés, those moments in the forest, alone, uguisu birdsong above, winds shifting the bamboo treetops like a Ghibli film loop, stopping to catch my breath next to a grave marking the spot where a loyal horse conked out two hundred years ago.

Friday, May 8, 2020

These Aerial And Satellite Photos Of An Airport Absolutely Stuffed With Airliners Are Nuts

Nowhere has received more airliners for storage during this crisis than Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, California.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Airbnb Is Banking on a Post-Pandemic Travel Boom

The home-rental company defined the travel industry after the last cataclysm, but may be less suited for what’s next.

Friday, Apr 24, 2020

Airline passengers undergo Covid-19 blood tests before boarding

Perhaps a sign of what the future holds for air travelers, Dubai-based airline Emirates has begun carrying out Covid-19 blood tests on passengers at the airport prior to flights.

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020

My name is Meigo Märk and I walked 20,000 kilometers or 12,427 miles

Greetings! My name is Meigo Märk and I wish to share with you a story, photos and videos of how I was walking 20,000 kilometers or 12,427 miles in 22 countries which took me total 4 years and 3 months.

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2020

Airlines Want To Cancel Rule Requiring Them To Refund Fares For Canceled Flights

Airlines are again pleading for government assistance, only this time, they want a break from some federal regulations instead of financial aid.

Thursday, Apr 9, 2020

Airlines will offer fewer choices and higher fares after the coronavirus crisis

A leaner airline industry means some of the 750,000 jobs the industry had at the start of 2020 won’t come back. Hundreds of planes will almost certainly stay grounded, which will mean less capacity and higher fares. Many of the low-cost seats that passengers have enjoyed booking will disappear.

Tuesday, Apr 7, 2020

Airlines Are Legally Required to Refund Canceled Flights (but Many Are Refusing to Do So)

An outraged industry insider explains your rights when an airline cancels your flight.

A Backpacker's Guide to Maps

What types to bring, where to find them, and how to make your own.

How to See the World When You’re Stuck at Home

When you are quarantined or cancel your trip, you can still go on a journey. The secret? The author Reif Larsen says it’s Google Street View.

Monday, Apr 6, 2020

The Deal Not Taken

During one frantic week, incredible travel offers emerged, only to evaporate as soon as the reality of taking advantage of them during a pandemic was weighed.

Thursday, Mar 19, 2020

How Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance Can (and Can’t) Help You

In times of crisis, this travel insurance upgrade option may be your only saving grace—you just need to know the rules of engagement.

Monday, Mar 16, 2020

Airlines are burning thousands of gallons of fuel flying empty 'ghost' planes so they can keep their flight slots during the coronavirus outbreak

Airlines have wasted thousands of gallons of fuel running empty “ghost” flights during the coronavirus outbreak because of European rules saying operators can lose their flight slots if they keep their planes on the ground.

Friday, Mar 13, 2020

These New Economy Seat Concepts Are Getting Interesting

Flying coach on long-haul flights is miserable. Being stuck in a cramped seat with no ability to stretch out makes it near impossible to get rest before touching down in a new time zone. Although this has become a common frustration of travel, some companies are making an effort to introduce more comfortable alternatives to the economy seat, such as Air New Zealand’s Economy Skynest and newcomer Zephyr.

Monday, Mar 9, 2020

Singapore Airlines is using aeroponics to upgrade in-flight meals

You may have heard of aeroponics as the method used by NASA to grow vegetables in outer space. Instead of sprouting into the dirt, plant roots are exposed in the air and grow upward. Vegetation is cultivated with mists of water and controlled amounts of light and air.

How to Disinfect Your Space on an Airplane

Here are some tips for cleaning your area of a plane and keeping healthy on a flight.

Friday, Mar 6, 2020

My Trip to Vietnam, Singapore, and Qatar

For three weeks in late January and early February, I travelled to Asia, spending two weeks in Saigon, a few days in Singapore, and about 48 hours in Doha, Qatar. Here are some of the things I saw and did and ate.

Friday, Feb 28, 2020

You want to be a responsible tourist. But what does that even mean?

Travel has long been considered inherently good: It broadens horizons, fosters understanding, promotes cultural exchange and changes the traveler for the better. It is also an important economic driver in destinations around the world that provides jobs and, often, encourages conservation. If experts agree on anything, it’s that these sentiments aren’t misguided.

Friday, Feb 7, 2020

Order Tomato Juice on Your Next Flight

Tomato juice is one of the most popular drinks served by flight attendants, yet how often do you see someone drinking the red beverage with two feet planted firmly on the ground? For years, airlines have been baffled at the demand for tomato juice, and why such an odd drink is so satisfying 35,000 feet up.