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Friday, Apr 20, 2018

Backpacking with Bitcoin

When James Grant and Thomas Hezlett stepped off their London flight into the United States last summer, they had three things: a vague plan to make it from Seattle to Miami in five months, a backpack full of basics to get them through the cold nights, and $350 in bitcoin.

Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

The Myth Of Traveling Light

Packing the bare minimum has always made leaving and coming back seem easier. But the older I get, the more I feel the weight of the miles between me and everyone I love.

Tuesday, Apr 17, 2018

Boarding an airplane is such a pain in the neck. Can the process be fixed?

Don’t you think it is strange that airplanes are still designed to be boarded from the front? And that airlines board the passengers starting with those sitting in the front rows?

Friday, Apr 6, 2018

OK we're all adults here, so really, how on earth should I use a squat toilet?

OK so for anyone that’s travelled beyond North America and Western Europe you know what I’m talking about…They start popping up in the Balkans and of course they’re everywhere by the time you get to Turkey and become totally unavoidable no matter how patient you are or how long you can hold on when you’re anywhere between about India and Japan. Asian toilets AKA squat toilets - Do you know how to use one if you have to?

Friday, Mar 30, 2018

How Planes Land in Crazy Crosswinds

When the weather gets rough, pilots call on years of training, and hope to have just a bit of fun.

Thursday, Mar 29, 2018

Travel Is No Cure for the Mind

We tend to grossly overestimate the pleasure brought forth by new experiences and underestimate the power of finding meaning in current ones. While travel is a fantastic way to gain insight into unfamiliar cultures and illuminating ways of life, it is not a cure for discontentment of the mind.

Wednesday, Mar 28, 2018

Here's What It's Like to Fly in the Ultimate First Class Cabin

To dream of flying is one thing. But to dream while flying is rare. Dreaming requires a blissful letting go. How do you do that while crammed in a metal tube with hundreds of other humans breathing recirculated air and hurtling through the sky? Yet, for the first time, I did.

Friday, Mar 23, 2018

A guide to credit card and airline points for complete and total beginners

But here’s the thing: If you already have a credit card, are generally responsible about paying it off each month, and you enjoy doing things like eating out and perhaps going on vacation once or twice a year, you are potentially wasting a massive opportunity by not getting involved in the miles and points universe.

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

Booking Flights: Our Data Flies with Us

What’s in a PNR? Our Passenger Name Records (PNRs) are commonly displayed as six-digit codes, but they are actually data-rich records generated every time we book flights or hotels. In this article we look at what data is included in a PNR and how this data might be used against politically-engaged individuals.

Monday, Mar 12, 2018

Airline websites don’t care about your privacy: a case study on

For a layman, when you book your flight through Emirates, Domestic or International, there are approximately 300 data points related to your booking. The moment you click on manage preferences to select a seat or meal for your trip or to Check-in to your flight, your Booking ID and Last name is passed on to approximately 14 different third-party trackers like Crazy egg, Boxever, Coremetrics, Google, and Facebook among others.

Thursday, Mar 8, 2018

Airlines' Latest Sneaky Trick: Charging Passengers According to Who They Are, Not Where They're Flying

The idea is to use tech that personally identifies everyone who comes to an airline’s site. How much they make. Whether they’re a frequent flier. Whether they’re traveling for business or pleasure. In essence, the software searches for as much data as possible about the person.

Friday, Feb 2, 2018

Decoding the Design of In-Flight Seat Belts

What is the deal with this seat belt? It is not like other seat belts. It is a lap belt only, in two pieces, secured by an industrial-feeling flip-flop buckle that sits directly in the center of the lap. Car seat belts are not like this. Even race car seat belts are not like this. In fact no other modern seat belt is like this.

Wednesday, Jan 31, 2018

Why is Chiang Mai so popular?

I don’t get it. Please explain it to me. Did all these blogs trying to sell people on Chiang Mai have some an effect? Just people following the crowd?

Tuesday, Jan 23, 2018

Citing fire risk, smart luggage with lithium batteries are facing new travel restrictions

Starting Monday, many airlines around the world begin enforcing a new rule that forbids passengers from checking or carrying on “smart luggage” with non-removable lithium batteries.

Monday, Jan 15, 2018

Airline safety: 2017 was safest year in history for passengers around world, research shows

In a year when more people flew to more places than ever, 2017 was the safest on record for airline passengers.

Friday, Jan 12, 2018


This is a story about how the airport became the setting for the Great American Freakout. Once an icon of progress, then another stale waiting room of modern life, the airport has now entered a third phase.

Friday, Dec 29, 2017

How to be a better traveler in 2018-without using the Internet

As we look forward to 2018, we asked some travers we admire for just one tip on how to be a better traveler in the year ahead. Refreshingly, almost none of the responses we got involve using the internet.

Thursday, Dec 21, 2017

What are the best airport tips?

For international travel always take adapters for the power outlets. Have ebooks/books/offline stuff to read/do. Bring more for unexpected delays. Be hydrated. Bring luggage tags. Take a picture of where you parked and email it to yourself with the airport name in your email so you can search it easily. You may forget 2 weeks later.

Tuesday, Dec 19, 2017

Jetiquette: Who Gets the Middle Seat Armrests?

The right to armrest use is an all-too-common dilemma today, as seat sizes slim and cabin configurations grow dense, and simply swapping seats isn’t always an option. So who is entitled to what personal seat space, exactly, and how can a passenger exercise their right to an armrest? Here’s what the experts say.

Monday, Dec 18, 2017

I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor

Once upon a time, long before I began selling my face by the acre for features on VICE dot com, I worked other jobs. There was one in particular that really had an impact on me: writing fake reviews on TripAdvisor. Restaurant owners would pay me £10 and I’d write a positive review of their place, despite never eating there.